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January 1, 1970 The Christmas tree village of TAIF-NK JSC was again awarded at the municipal level
Today, in Nizhnekamsk, the results of the municipal competition for New Year's decoration of the town were summed up. By tradition, Christmas tree village of TAIF-NK JSC on Lemaev square has taken a worthy place among the winners. For creating a festive atmosphere, the New Year's village of the Company was awarded in the nomination "In the Light of Lights". Mr. Vladimir Gatunok, Assistant to General Director for General Affairs of TAIF-NC JSC, received the award from the Head of Nizhnekamsk municipal district, Mr. Aidar Metshin.



December 20, 2020 “Industrial, Environmental and Occupational Safety” publication dd 15. 11.2020

TAIF-NK: Health and Life of the Employee is the First Priority

State-of-the-art technologies, consistent upgrading of the production facilities, smart investment policy, proper management and concern for people’s well-being. This is only a minor part from the list of approaches followed by TAIF-NK. Even with our hardware-focused approach, still the prime concern for us are people, creation of favorable, and what is more, safe working conditions. Advanced complex of production facilities, where some of them are unique with no analogues anywhere in the world. Thousands of employees, whose job is directly involved in operating the hazardous process. This is all about TAIF-NK – one of Russia’s leading Crude Oil Refining Companies. Occupational and Industrial Safety are the key aspects of the Company business profile, since this entails an enormous running “organism”, where advanced technologies, sophisticated equipment and human resources are interacting together.


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