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January 1, 1970 TAIF-NK JSC assisted in the delivery of medical materials for patients of the town hospital of Nizhnekamsk
TAIF-NK has helped Children's hospital with perinatal center in Nizhnekamsk with the delivery of the medical instruments required to treat patients. The oil refinery has assumed all the costs for transportation of a large cargo worth RUB 2 mln. on a tarpaulin covered truck from Laishevsky district to a medical facility in Nizhnekamsk. As noted by doctors, thanks to TAIF-NK JSC not only young patients of children's clinics and pediatric hospital of Nizhnekamsk, but also women's consultation clinic, maternity hospital will receive disposable polymer products.



August 6, 2019

The key to successful business: how TAIF-NK improves its efficiency

Internal audit is firmly established in the system of control over all processes of the company and the activities of the employees at TAIF-NK PSC. Regular inspections within the company help to keep under control the work of the entire enterprise and to eliminate the arising difficulties in time. Marina Prusakova, the head of the internal audit service of TAIF-NK PSC, told about more details in the interview.


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