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January 1, 1970 TAIF-NK JSC strengthened coronavirus (COVID-19) preventive measures
Due to hospital hygiene and infection control in Tatarstan Republic, an emergency operations center was established at TAIF-NK to prevent coronavirus transmission. For preventive purposes, visiting TAIF-NK JSC production facilities by outside parties are temporarily limited in order to avoid the risk of virus transmission. The Company arranged the procurement of additional disinfectants for personal and public hygiene.



November 18, 2019

A unanimous decision: Nizhnekamsk Citizens Vote for the Construction of a New Heater at TAIF-NK

This construction project will not affect the environmental situation. According to expert opinion, will allow to reduce emissions into the atmosphere TAIF-NK is planning to construct a new Heater designed for warming up Vacuum Gas Oil at the site of Heavy Residue Conversion Complex. After the Heater design has undergone all required expert examinations, the Company arranged public hearings, where they presented to Nizhnekamsk citizens, members of the Community Council, and local government the engineering documentation and environmental impact assessment materials. The meeting took place the previous evening in the Tatarstan Cadet Corps named after the hero of the Soviet Union G. Safiullin. All details are in the material of “Realnoe Vremya”.


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