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Since May 2008, TAIF-NK completely shifted to the production of motor gasoline, environmental standards «EURO-4»

Since June, 2012 TAIF-NK switched to 100% diesel fuel, quality standard «EURO-5»


legal address:
Russia, Republic of Tatarstan,
Nizhnekamsk district, Nizhnekamsk,
Sobolekovskaya str., 45, office 108

423570, Nizhnekamsk-11, P / O 20.
Phone: +7 (8555) 38-16-16
Fax: +7 (8555) 38-17-17

Customer information

TAIF-NK has no dealers for selling petroleum products. You can buy our products through our electronic trading platform ONLINECONTRACT .

You can buy our products through our electronic trading platform ONLINECONTRACT



March 16, 2023 Pleasant and informative evening: Another intellectual game “Quiz Please!” played
About fifteen teams of TAIF-NK JSC employees gathered once again in Mokka restobar to compete in intellectual game “Quiz, please!”. Two hours of "brainstorming" just flew by unnoticed in a relaxing friendly atmosphere.



March 5, 2023 TAIF-NK’s women: beautiful, happy and in love with job
On the eve of the day of spring and beautify, Realnoe Vremya’s journalist talked with representatives of various professions of the oil refinery Economy and finance, planning and capital investments records, audit, human resources, support office, sanitary and industrial laboratories, international business activity and trade unions — all these and many other important, responsible, tough, large-scale tasks for the successful operation and further development of one of the most technically perfect and successful oil refineries of Russia fall on women’s fragile shoulders. Who are they, the heroines of our times? Read about them in our report.