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Since May 2008, TAIF-NK completely shifted to the production of motor gasoline, environmental standards «EURO-4»

Since June, 2012 TAIF-NK switched to 100% diesel fuel, quality standard «EURO-5»


legal address:
Russia, Republic of Tatarstan,
Nizhnekamsk district, Nizhnekamsk,
Sobolekovskaya str., 45, office 108

423570, Nizhnekamsk-11, P / O 20.
Phone: +7 (8555) 38-16-16
Fax: +7 (8555) 38-17-17

Customer information

TAIF-NK has no dealers for selling petroleum products. You can buy our products through our electronic trading platform ONLINECONTRACT .

You can buy our products through our electronic trading platform ONLINECONTRACT



January 16, 2023 “Wonders of Winter”: TAIF-NK Christmas tree town – winner of the municipal competition
The results of the traditional municipal competition for the New Year decoration of Christmas tree towns were summed up at the "business Monday" in the administration of Nizhnekamsk. The Christmas tree town of TAIF-NK joint-stock company on Lemayev Square became the winner of the competition in the nomination "Wonders of Winter".



November 23, 2022 People of the HRCC: at unique production — unique team
Heavy Residue Convertion Complex: why people confess their love for this work and are ready to devote most of their time to it For the first time in the world and in Tatarstan, it has become possible to achieve a truly deep processing of crude oil: the share of extraction of high-quality light petroleum products from each tonne of oil exceeded 90% and continues to increase. The Veba Combi Cracking technology, or, as it is also called, VCC, is unique in itself, the equipment is unique, its assembly configuration is unique. All this was made even more unique by the complex of modernisations implemented by the HRCC team. About the people who are able to reach peaks that seemed unconquerable — read in the material of Realnoe Vremya.