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On November 2, 2016 at 15.20 at the Construction Site of Heavy Residue Conversion Complex, TAIF-NK PSC (member of TAIF Group), a local ignition of hydrogen or its compound took place. According to the preliminary version, the fire happened due to depressurization of an air cooler during the pressure test at the Hydrocracking Unit. The fire area was 50 sq.m.

TAIF-NK Construction facility has not been commissioned, because the startup and commissioning activities were in progress at the Construction Site. For elimination of the fire Nizhnekamsk firefighting and rescue forces were involved. The ambulance teams arrived to the emergency site. As a result of the accident, three injured men were sent to a hospital with third-degree burns. Currently their condition is estimated as stabilized.

The open fire was completely removed at 16.55. No other negative consequences. There was no danger to people and environment.

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