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October 21, 2022    online newspaper “Realnoye vremya”

To attract and to encourage to stay: why young people choose TAIF-NK

For Tatarstan, raising the prestige of working professions, training of highly qualified workers is not just good words, but a task of national importance. Tatarstan is Russia’s fifth region in terms of the volume of products manufactured by industrial enterprises. The oil refining industry of the republic also needs a constant influx of young talented specialists. This problem was taken by TAIF-NK JSC more than seriously. The company has proceeded with a special personnel policy, which brings its results. The company can rightfully be proud of its team. Nowadays, about 4 thousand people work here, about 40% of them are young people under 35 years old. What attracts young people to the enterprise, why graduates of industry-specific educational institutions choose this company as an employer — read in the review of "Realnoye vremya".


To immerse into the working atmosphere

TAIF-NK JSC is a vivid example of how to work with young people and raise the prestige of working professions. This includes a multifaceted social policy, support for company’s young specialists, for whom measures are envisaged for their adaptation to working conditions, creation of conditions for professional growth and maximum realization of creative potential, as well as close cooperation with relative educational institutions for picking out potential employees as early as the training stage.

Just recently, a Doors Open Day was held at the enterprise. Students of the College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining named after N.V. Lemaev could get acquainted with the production facilities, learn the aspects of a particular unit operation, and communicate with highly qualified specialists. This educational institution is considered a talent pool for the oil refining industry.

— These are very responsible lads. Children with the passing mark of at least 4.8 study in the specialty "oil and gas refining". These are practically A level students. This excursion will do much good for them. Students will get to know the company better, learn about what work they will have to do in the future. The children arrived in full force, they have really been looking forward to this excursion. Many thanks to company's management for the invitation," enthusiastically said Dinara Shailina, head of the Practical Work Training Department of the College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining named after N.V. Lemaev.

The young people also admitted to "Realnoye vremya" correspondent that they had long wanted to look at the production from the inside.

I have heard a lot of positive reviews about TAIF-NK. My relatives work here. I myself have never been at the production site. We haven't had job training yet. I have wanted to know how everything is arranged here for a long time," says Danil Salakhov.

A visit to TAIF-NK JSC by students started with company’s headquarters. Here the students were given the mandatory introductory instruction on labor protection and received special clothing and personal protective equipment. This allowed future refiners to dive into the working atmosphere as much as possible.

After putting their personal signatures in the safety and health log, the third-year students went up to the assembly hall. Here, the students were shown the introductory video about company's production activities.

Thanks to the video, young people came to believe that TAIF-NK JSC is a leading oil refining company in Russia in terms of the output of light oil products from crude oil and gas feedstock, as well as the processing complexity of the complex of units. In terms of processing efficiency of oil refining, the company is a leader not only in Russia, but also in the world.

The Refinery comprises three interrelated plants:

  • The Crude Oil Processing Plant with the design capacity of  7.3 mln tons of feedstock per year;
  • The Gasoline Plant, which comprises the FCC based Gasoline Production Unit with the design capacity of  1 mln tons of feedstock per year, and the Gas Condensate Processing  Unit with the design capacity of 1 mln tons of feedstock per year;
  • HRCC (Heavy Residue Conversion Complex) with the design capacity of 3.6 mln tons of the residue and vacuum gasoil.

The company produces more than 50 different products, including feedstock for chemistry and petrochemistry, motor fuel of the international environmental standard Euro-5, diesel fuel, jet fuel, bitumen, PBB, kerosene, etc. Samples of JSC TAIF-NK products were also displayed here, and the students showed great interest to them. One could pick up glass jars and take a closer look at each product name.

All students' questions of concern were answered  in detail by the Head of the Technical Upgrading and Advanced Development Department of TAIF-NK JSC, Ravil Abdrakhmanov, who in a light-hearted manner not only told about the importance of upgrading the production facilities, environmental and social programs, but also clearly showed the entire chain of crude oil processing by the example of motor gasoline.

 About the history and production activities of the Gasoline Plant firsthand

The excursion continued with an introduction to the production sites of the refinery. The young people were shown the second production of the Gasoline Plant, told about the arrangements for its efficient and safe operation. The college students were accompanied by the Head of Workshop No.04 Damir Sibgatov. He said that construction of the Gas Condensate Processing Plant of TAIF JSC began in May of 2005. The design documentation was developed by specialists of the Samaraneftekhimproekt Institute. The high pace of construction made it possible to put it into operation in a year. In July of 2006, the first products were obtained.

— Production No. 2 of the Gasoline Plant comprises a Gas Condensate Processing Plant with a capacity of 1 mln tons per year, a two-sided corridor-type loading rack with railway scales, an automobile automatic filling station and a complex of offsite facilities with a compounding unit and a commercial gasoline tank-farm. The main part of the installed and launched equipment is domestically made," Damir Sibgatov began telling.

He also pointed out that the gas condensate comes by railway. The main kinds of products are diesel fraction, automobile gasoline, straight-run gasoline, which is pumped through a pipeline to Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC to increase the production capacity of ethylene, propane-butane fraction, kerosene fraction and fuel oil (feedstock for catalytic cracking). And he put a special focus on the designation of production facilities.

 — This unit is designed for processing gas condensate, which comes to us by tanks on railway tracks. The workshop comprises an electric dehydration unit, a feedstock heating unit and a fractionation unit," he said.

The next way point was the control room, where special attention was paid to utilization of modern digital technologies and automation, covering all production processes. During the excursion, students were interested not only in production, but also in the level of wages, social guarantees, and career advancement opportunities for young employees of the company.

College students were assured that with the necessary knowledge and experience, professional interest, diligence, responsibility, determination and, of course, desire, every employee can work way up the career ladder. Damir Sibgatov cited himself as an example. He got a job at TAIF-NK JSC in 2010, even as a fourth-year student. He started his career as an operator of category 4. In 2014, he transferred to the position of shift supervisor, in 2015 he was appointed the Head of the Hydrotreating Unit, worked in this position until 2020, and then was appointed the Head of Workshop.

And there are many examples like this in the company, including top management. In general, it is safe to say that TAIF-NK JSC is a young staff. The number of the working youth under the age of 35 for the first half of 2022 is 39.7%. There are a lot of managers among them. In general, the company employs about 4 thousand top-ranked specialists.

The company is confident that the constant influx of fresh professional staff is one of the necessary conditions for further development of the industry.

— TAIF-NK is a socially oriented enterprise. A multifaceted personnel policy has been developed here, opportunities for career growth and decent wage conditions have been created that stimulate personal development and striving for common success. The company is developing an internal educational environment for training employees," Anton Tukhvatullin, Head of the Technical Training Group of TAIF—NK JSC, told the students.

The young people learned that one of the measures to support company's employees is the availability of an expanded social guarantees package, which includes not only guarantees envisaged by labor legislation, but also additional payouts developed by company’s local acts. These includes vacation payouts, expenses related to the implementation of social mortgages, financial assistance in various life situations, rewards on jubilees and holidays, financial assistance for pensioners and so on. In addition, TAIF-NK invests considerable money in improving its employees’ health.

Special attention is paid by the company to employment of young specialists. In order for a new employee to painlessly join the team, there is a mentorship system. An experienced worker takes a newcomer under his wing, introduces the enterprise, corporate culture and technological processes to him.

Young employees of TAIF-NK JSC can implement their creativity and improve their professional skills at the "Best in Occupation" contests. They are held both within the enterprise and in the College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining named after N.V. Lemaev. By the way, students can also take part in them. Such events hone professional skills, and make industrial trade jobs popular.

  “Every person dreams of finding a labour of love”

The excursion to the second production of TAIF-NK JSC lasted about an hour and a half. During this time, the students saw the motor automatic filling station and a complex of the offsite facilities with the saleable gasoline blending unit and tank-farm. They asked a lot of questions concerning the obtained gasoline quality and the sale of products. The dialogue turned out to be lively and informative.

— When I graduated from the 9th grade, the question of choosing a future profession came up. Without hesitation, I decided to dedicate my life to oil and gas production and refining. I believe that this profession has promising future," Alexey Lazarev said.

He also stressed that he was satisfied with what he had seen that day. The tour of TAIF-NK JSC production facilities lived up all his expectations.

— I like the processes that take place in the units, how gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene are produced. Company's employees explained everything in lay language. We also visited the control room, were demonstrated what the work of process unit operators is. I hope to return here as an employee of the company," Alexey said.

His groupmate Adelya Hamidullina also shared her emotions from the visit. The girl comes from the Kamskiye Polyany. After graduating from the school in her native settlement, she qualified for free tuition budget in "oil and gas processing" specialty.

— Every person dreams of finding a labour of love that brings joy, is of benefit to other people, and well-paid as well. Potential employment after graduation from the college is also important for choosing a profession," she noted, adding that she considers TAIF-NK JSC one of the promising employers.

Danil Salakhov also dreams of being employed by TAIF-NK JSC after graduating from the college:

— Why do I want to work here? Because there is stable salary, a social package here. It is prestigious to work here. I am proud to study at the College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining. This year our job training will start, I will do my best to be noticed and invited to work here.

 "The company is not limited only to standard collaborative tools"

It should be noted that TAIF-NK JSC is not limited to excursions only. The company closely cooperates with the city educational institutions, which train future specialists. The College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining named after N.V. Lemaev is the main place for training enterprise’s young employees in leading specialties. In the new academic year, about 700 first-year students have entered the college. In total, 2,000 students from different districts of Tatarstan, as well as from the Moscow region, Chelyabinsk and Tyumen study here.

According to the director of the College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining named after N.V. Lemaev, Aidar Faretdinov, the history of cooperation of the College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining with TAIF-NK JSC began from the day when the company was founded. He made the point that the company begins to select the personnel long before employment.

— TAIF-NK does not wait for a graduate to come to work. The company starts monitoring students from the third year. The company knows the level the young people are trained, because they themselves take part in the final assessment and perfectly understand which specialist is employed by them. There is an individual support of the student, — says the director of the College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining named after N.V. Lemaev, Aidar Faretdinov.

One of the activities with young people at the enterprise is the arrangements for job training. This allows college students to quickly and effectively bring theoretical knowledge closer to solving specific production tasks. Such a practice creates a favorable environment for young specialists, giving them the opportunity to adapt in advance to real production conditions.

— Our cooperation is not only in training of personnel for the enterprise, it is based on further development of the working staff, on requalification and advanced training. This work is arranged in a system format. The company is not limited only to standard collaborative tools, but looks further," notes Aidar Faretdinov.

For college students, TAIF-NK JSC organizes a unique job training at the production within the framework of dual training. The company sends an application to the college about which specialists are required. The educational institution develops appropriate training programs for them.

— Dual training is a type of training in which the theoretical part of the training takes place in an educational institution, and the practical part takes place at the workplace. Students, in turn, have job training combined with study. These young people are very responsible about their job training, their workplace," says Aidar Faretdinov.

Graduates of the College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining have job training in TAIF-NK JSC with the conclusion of employment agreement, receive wages on a par with the employees of the enterprise. Last year, 23 students took advantage of this opportunity. These were operators, electricians, chemical analysis laboratory assistants and instrumentation fitters.

— The dual system of education is promising both for us and for students. Upon graduation, we receive a ready specialist who does not require adaptation. The graduate does not need to worry about future employment. They already have workplaces and receive real salaries," Anton Tukhvatullin notes.

The educational process continues at the enterprise, where employees can raise their qualification or get a new profession. Thanks to the multifaceted personnel policy, attentive attitude to experienced employees, young specialists, TAIF-NK JSC remains in the top employers among the city-forming enterprises of Nizhnekamsk, where graduates willingly send questionnaires for employment to. However, only the best of the best will be able to become part of a highly qualified team of like-minded people, looking to the future, ready to solve the most complex innovative tasks.


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