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May 7, 2020    

The TAIF-NK Management visits the sponsored war veteran and congratulates him on the 75th anniversary of the Victory Day.

The TAIF-NK JSC Management jointly with the representatives of the Nizhnekamsk municipal administration and the Social Protection Department visited the sponsored war veteran Pavlov Panfil Grigoryevich and congratulated him on the upcoming 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The guests decided not to enter the apartment in order to avoid any risk they can run. All preventive safety precautions were taken under the difficult epidemiological period. Deputy General Director of TAIF-NK JSC Ilfar Halimullin came with a food gift basket and a bunch of flowers.

- Dear Panfil Grigoryevich, every year we meet with you, and we are very proud of you! We love you very much, thank you for everything. On behalf of the TAIF-NK work staff, I congratulate you on this memorable holiday. We wish you many years of life, high spirits, and sound health! - Deputy General Director of TAIF-NK Ilfar Halimullin solemnly said.
Now Panfil Grigoryevich is 94 years old. He was a 17-year-old boy when he went off to war in 1943. He served as a Signal Corps man in the rifle regiment of the Primorsky Military District. He participated in the Soviet-Japanese war, for which he was awarded a medal "For Victory over Japan".
This year, in honor of the anniversary of the Victory Day, the TAIF-NK Management decided to make home improvement for the war veteran as a present. Extensive works were started in April and completed on the eve of the great holiday. In the veteran`s apartment the following has been done: wall papering, hanging ceiling installation, bathroom and toilet repair, bathroom fixtures and flooring replacement as well as balcony improvement.
In his turn, Panfil Pavlov expressed his gratitude to TAIF-NK for attention, support and constant care that the Company has been providing to this family for many years.
The TAIF-NK representatives visit Panfil Grigoryevich and his spouse not only on the eve of the Victory Day, but throughout the year, as taking care of the older generation for the Company is a sight of love, respect and duty.




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