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October 25, 2021    

The strongest volleyball players were revealed in TAIF-NK

Volleyball championship was held in the sports complex "Fakel" among structural divisions of TAIF-NK JSC. The tournament was attended by 8 teams. For the first time in the history of the championship men were challenged by ladies - employees of the Crude Oil Processing Plant.

 - “When we learned that a volleyball championship is held in the company, we also decided to try our hand. We put out a call around the plant, lots of people responded wishing to participate. We are the only women's team, but this does not bother us, we will try. Perhaps, we will even make the top three,” says with confidence Alsu Galimullina, the economist of the Crude Oil Processing Plant.

There are 7 people in each team. Despite the fact that amateurs and not professional athletes took part in the volleyball championship for the cup of TAIF-NK JSC, the tournament was none the less strenuous and exciting.

- “The friendly team of the Crude Oil Processing Plant annually takes part in a volleyball tournament. We are a streamlined team, throughout the year we try to keep fit, play sport both individually and in a group training. We are the favorites of the championship, we only hope for the first place,” notes Andrey Moiseev, Head of Workshop No. 05, the Crude Oil Processing Plant.

In a tough struggle the winner of the volleyball championship for the cup of TAIF-NK JSC was the Dream team of Crude Oil Processing Plant, whose captain is Andrey Moiseev. The second place was taken by the Management team, the third - by the HRCC team. All winners received cups, diplomas, medals and monetary remuneration. By the way, the volleyball tournament is one of the types of competitions that take place at the Refinery. 

- “TAIF-NK pays great attention to physical culture, promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the year the company hosts a large number of competitions in various sports: volleyball, football, table tennis, track and field relay, cross-country skiing and bicycle race. The company rents halls and outdoor sports grounds so that our employees can keep fit and prepare for the upcoming competitions. I would like to note that every year the number of people willing to go in for sports at our company is only growing. TAIF-NK JSC plans to continue doing everything possible to popularize physical culture, sports and a healthy lifestyle among our employees," concluded Vladimir Gatunok, Assistant to General Director for General Affairs of TAIF-NK JSC.




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