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The Complex Museum hosted a festive event dedicated to the 55th anniversary of Nizhnekamsk. The staff of TAIF-NK,headed by general director Maxim Novikov attended the celebration. The official release of the composition entitled "We knew we would build a city!" was held there in a festive atmosphere. Four sculptures are a tribute of respect and memory from the modern generation of Nizhnekamsk residents to the pioneer builders of the city. They symbolize the professions thanks to which the city on the bank of the Kama River appeared 55 years ago. As part of the celebration of the City Day, the Complex Museum also hosted a ceremony of awarding the titles of "Honorary Citizen of the City".

Dear residents of Nizhnekamsk!

Let me congratulate you on behalf of the entire staff of TAIF-NK on such a significant holiday for our region – the 55th anniversary of Nizhnekamsk!

Today Nizhnekamsk is a dynamically developing modern city that has preserved its historical originality, unique identity and beauty. But its main wealth is residents sincerely loving the city. We are rightfully proud of the history of our city, present-day development, and we believe in its bright future.

The 55th anniversary is a holiday that unites all residents regardless of age, nationality, religion and profession, those who were born in Nizhnekamsk and those who linked their fate with it.

I wish every resident of our wonderful city happiness, prosperity and kindness! Let our city prosper day by day, develop and become better in every sense of the word! I am sure that the carefully preserved traditions, professionalism and unique experience of residents of our multinational city will provide an opportunity for further development not only of the region, but also of the whole country! Happy holiday, dear residents of Nizhnekamsk!

General director of TAIF-NK  M.A. Novikov

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