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On September 1st, educational institutions of Nizhnekamsk opened their doors to more than 33 thousand schoolchildren, 3876 of whom are first-graders. On the Day of Knowledge the representative of TAIF-NK JSC in the person of Mr. Vladimir Gatunok, Assistant General Director for General Affairs of TAIF-NK JSC, visited the sponsored school No. 10, where he addressed to all present with words of congratulations.

 - Good afternoon dear children, parents, teachers! On behalf of TAIF-NK Joint-Stock Company, let me congratulate you on one of the kindest and brightest holidays, which is especially dear for each of us – the Day of Knowledge! For those whose school life is just beginning, this day is particularly exciting; it is marked by the beginning of a new stage in life, the first steps towards knowledge and discovery. No less important day for those who graduate from school, because you have very little time to enjoy communication with your classmates, your favorite teachers, and in general fun school days. With a special sense of gratitude, I congratulate teachers whose work deserves the most sincere respect and great gratitude! I wish you all patience, ease in the learning process and mutual understanding. Happy holidays!,- Vladimir Gatunok addressed to the present at the celebratory assembly.


Further, representatives of TAIF-NK JSC visited the celebratory assembly of the Petrochemistry and Oil Refining College named after N.V. Lemayev. The company has maintained friendly relations with this educational institution for many years.

 -  I wish you effective learning and successful sessions! For first—year students, this is a stage of a new life that determines the further direction of development, the discovery of new abilities and talents! For graduates - the last year before a serious adult life!Dear students! Appreciate the knowledge and efforts of teachers and meet the expectations of parents!You have a unique opportunity to make your life successful! Dear teachers! I express my sincere gratitude to you for high professionalism, loyalty to vocation and love to students.I wish you all good health, success in your studies and work, inexhaustible energy, happiness and optimism! I congratulate all you on the Day of Knowledge!, – Vladimir Gatunok addressed to the students and teachers of the Petrochemistry and Oil Refining College named after N.V. Lemayev.

The management of TAIF-NK JSC also congratulates the employees of the Company, whose children went to school on the new school year. We wish that the Day of Knowledge will be a bright beginning of an amazing journey into the world of knowledge, and lay a solid foundation for future success and achievements for everyone!

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