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January 21, 2020    

The hundredth baby born in the year of the 100th anniversary of the TASSR was the child of the TAIF-NK employee

In the Year of the 100th anniversary of the TASSR in Nizhnekamsk, the hundredth baby of 2020 was born. The girl was born on the 14-th of January at 6:12 PM. The baby, who was called Angelina, became the first-born in Evgeniy and Nadezhda Krasnoperov family. Evgeniy has been working at TAIF-NK JSC for almost 10 years. As of today, he is working as an engineer of process control system of the Workshop No.11 of the Gasoline Plant instrumentation.

Mr. Ilfar Halimullin, Deputy General Director for Economic Security and Regime of TAIF-NK JSC, Mr. Ramis Khabibullin, Director of the Gasoline Plant, Ms. Anisa Biktimirova, Chairman of the TAIF-NK Staff Council, arrived to the solemn dischargeof the hundredth baby in maternity hospital of Nizhnekamsk. On behalf of Mr. Rushan Shamgunov, TAIF-NK General Director, and the entire refinery team, they congratulated the young parents on the birth of the daughter in a year so significant for our republic and presented the married couple a valuable gift. Director of the Gasoline Plant, Mr. Ramis Khabibullin, where Evgeniy Krasnoperov works, presented young parents a gift certificate for the purchase of children's goods.

“Today, on behalf of the entire TAIF-NK company, we want to congratulate you on the birth of your baby - the beautiful daughter Angelina has appeared in your wonderful family. She is only a few days old, but she has already become your reason for pride. Have patience, strength and wisdom. The upbringing of children is not the easiest process after all. However, we are confident that you will succeed and you will handle it two hundred percent. We sincerely wish your family prosperity and love, support each other and be always there for one another!” - Mr. Ilfar Halimullin, Deputy General Director for Economic Security and Regime of TAIF-NK JSC, congratulated the Krasnoperov family.

Representatives of the city administration congratulated the newly minted parents on the birth of the “jubilee” child in Nizhnekamsk and presented the baby a commemorative medal in honor of “100 years of the TASSR,” and Ms.Bella Makhotina, Head of the Registry Office of the Nizhnekamsk municipal district, provided the child with a birth certificate.

The social policy of TAIF-NK JSC is an integral part of the successful performance of the company. The policy aims at caring and well-being of not only working staff, but also their children. All employees of the Company are protected by a social package, which includes guarantees and compensations provided by labor legislation, as well as supplementary payments provided by internal acts of the Company. For example, in the case of the birth of a child, a TAIF-NK employee is provided with one-time financial assistance and State payment in the amount of two hundred thousand rubles to discharge the part of the mortgage, and women who are on childcare leave up to 1.5 years receive monthly assistance payment.



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