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November 18, 2019    

The high level of public catering of TAIF-NK JSC is confirmed by the quality certificate of conformance to the requirements of the national standard

In the TAIF-NK canteen the food safety management system HACCP has been implemented and certified. The system meets the requirements of the national standard GOST R ISO 22000-2007.

The English abbreviation HACCP, that is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, implies conducting of the documented procedures at the Company that help to provide the conditions for the safe preparation of high quality dishes. In particular, they concern the layout of processing areas, auxiliary and utility rooms of the canteen, their condition, the protection of food products from pollution and external additives, the safety of objects and materials contacting with the food products, the personnel health and hygiene, waste and garbage management, the preventive measures and pest control, labeling, etc.

The TAIF-NK Management always takes care of the food storage and cooking quality for its employees. For that reason, TAIF-NK was the first among community cooking institutions of the Nizhnekamsk large industrial facilities to implement the food safety system. The algorithm of the HACCP compliance, where the entire product life cycle is traced - “from field where food raw materials are grown to fork – when the dishes are served” is clearly known to every employee of the canteen in accordance with their respective liabilities and duties.  

The food safety policy of TAIF-NK focuses on:

  • ensuring of maximum satisfaction of customer requirements in the field of product quality;
  • production of high quality products and maximum satisfaction of customer requirements.
  • minimizing the risk of potential negative effects of products on the customer health;
  • achieving the level of product quality and safety standards by making balanced decisions and their prompt implementation;
  • recruiting professionally trained and competent personnel with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to achieve strategic and daily tasks and goals;
  • systematic monitoring of product quality and safety.

At present, the cooking process in the TAIF-NK canteen takes place on the modern and high-performance production equipment. The most comfortable conditions are created here for both kitchen workers and visitors. The menu is diversified: a wide selection of soups, salads, second course, fresh pastries, diet food and fasting menu are provided. The main rule of the TAIF-NK public catering is very fresh products. Dishes are prepared from natural and fresh products only, no food additives are used. At TAIF-NK they are confident that personnel health is the most important resource of any company, and high quality, healthy and home-made tasty hot food is undoubtedly one of its paramount elements.


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