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July 15, 2020    

Taking care of people: how TAIF-NK keeps up employees’ health

Every year TAIF-NK invests huge funds in improving the health of its employees. To confirm the ability to perform their job functions, each employee is sent annually for a periodic medical examination. This year, in the challenging environment due to the coronavirus pandemic, 3,494 employees will undergo medical examination in compliance with all the necessary sanitary and epidemiological requirements established by the Russian Federation government. Thanks to support of the TAIF Group and TAIF-NK management, additional examinations - screenings are carried out annually as part of a periodic medical examination.

Health of the staff is Company’s key value

Almost 4,000 people work today in one of the biggest Russian oil refineries TAIF-NK, and each of them has decent social benefits. Corporate wellness programmes include a full set of measures aimed at keeping employees’ health. Prevention is the first and crucial link of this chain. At this stage, the company does its best to diagnose prerequisites for a disease at an early stage and prevent its development. At the second stage, to be able to recover health, every worker is insured under the supplementary health insurance program and has a chance to improve his or her health in health resorts.

“Routine medical check-ups are a necessary measure in the enterprises which operate hazardous facilities. It is impossible to achieve goals that are set and provide normal operation of production without a healthy worker,” says Rinat Kurmanov, the head of Process Safety Service at TAIF-NK JSC.

TAIF-NK JSC does the check-up in a specialized health care establishment according to a schedule to avoid queues near rooms and follow social distancing. Moreover, additional protection measures from the coronavirus infection are taken indoors.

“This year we had to perform a tough task to do the check-up in the current epidemiological situation because of the coronavirus infection. Additional measures on the use of protective masks, disinfection of hands, social distancing, a limited daily number of workers, timely disinfection of surfaces that were taken allowed separating the staff from external factors and protecting the workers from the infection,” said Rinat Kurmanov, the head of Process Safety Service at TAIF-NK JSC.

Workers undergo additional screenings

During the medical check-up, the employees on a compulsory basis do a сomplete blood count and biochemical test, an ECG, have their hearing, vision checked, etc. They are examined by such specialists as otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, neuropathologist, addiction psychiatrist, dermatologist, general practitioner and occupational therapist.

“The goal of the routine check-up is to determine a health group and to give recommendations to the worker. As an addiction psychiatrist, first of all, I pay attention to person’s resistance to banned psychoactive substances and alcohol, as well as I evaluate the employee’s mental health. There are special tests, a set of methods for this purpose. Fortunately, everything is great at TAIF-NK. There are no people here who would cause concerns or doubts. The protection system deterring drunken workers from entering the territory of the company has an effect, and this just inspires respect,” noted the addiction psychiatrist Timur Bikmullin.

Medical consultative assistance 

Thanks to support from the management of TAIF Group of Companies and TAIF-NK in the last years, the employees have done a thorough check-up, which includes additional screenings for dangerous diseases and risk factors for their development.

“The cardiovascular system was checked up last year. In addition to obtaining the dynamics in this area, there were defined the employees with different risk categories. These workers made an appointment with the cardiologist for additional examination, some of them were under supervision and registered to be subject subject to regular medical check-up in polyclinics, reservations in health resorts were made for them to receive treatment,” the head of Process Safety Service at TAIF-NK JSC Rinat Kurmanov pointed out.

This year, it has been decided to perform an additional check-up of the digestive system of all company’s workers.

“First, the employees do an abdominal X-ray, which includes an examination of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas. Then they go to the gastroenterologist’s room where the specialist writes medical assessment and talks about the state of their health. During an appointment, we necessarily ask them if they have complaints, pains, after that, we compare X-ray tests and do an examination. If needed, we give them recommendations or prescribe treatment, while sometimes, in ambiguous cases we prescribe them additional examination,” said the gastroenterologist Elvina Myasoutova.

The management of the company believes that detection of diseases at an early stage allows recovering health and start working at minimal cost and with the minimum amount of effort. For this purpose, every worker is annually given a voluntary health insurance certificate. It gives them a chance to receive qualified advice from specialists of health care establishments in any city not only in the Republic of Tatarstan but also outside it.

“People often don’t know which doctor they should seek advice from. For instance, a person complains about back pain, moreover, he doesn’t understand what aches — a kidney or the lower back. After a medical check-up, it turns out that he should pay attention to the low back, do a CT and consult a neurologist. We consult him, give him the first prescriptions. Workers at TAIF-NK are young, healthy,” says the neurologist Natalya Naumova.

Caring about everybody

TAIF-NK's staff is young, one in two workers are from 18 to 35 years. Aleksandr Safronov has been working in the crude oil processing plant for 12 years already. According to him, the medical check-up arranged by the enterprise’s management helps saving time which is taken when going to city polyclinics.

“We always do the check-up in one place. Everything is compact and convenient. We learn about the state of our health within a couple of hours, after that, we return to our workplace. It is very convenient. Thanks to company’ management for the opportunity and care about our health,” says Aleksandr Safronov.

If after the check-up it turns out that an employee needs to improve his health, he is referred to health resorts of Tatarstan or the Volga Federal District for health improvement.

“Thanks to the routine check-up, we can consult top-ranked specialists from Kazan, get necessary recommendations. A scheduled medical examination allows us to learn about the state of our cardiovascular, digestive systems, detect health problems. It is a big advantage for us,” said the Deputy head for Property Management Andrey Ivanov who has been working at TAIF-NK for over 11 years.

TAIF-NK management understands its responsibility for the staff that work in continuous operation production, implements big investment projects because the strategic tasks set to the enterprise can be performed only in a professional and, most importantly, healthy staff.

“All our facilities are hazardous. This is why keeping TAIF-NK workers’ life and health is one of the main tasks together with higher reliability and production efficiency. The whole staff of the enterprise with full self-dedication works for the common goal. This is the recipe for success of the company because precisely highly qualified specialists are the basics in process safety and manufacture of high-quality products,” thinks Rushan Shamgunov, the General Director of TAIF-NK JSC.

Today TAIF-NK is a modern oil refinery fully complying with the tendencies of development of the global industry and is the foundation of the global economy. Stable operation of one of the leading enterprises of the republic and country, undoubtedly, increases gross regional and national products and enhances the general level of the regional economy effectiveness and innovation.

July 15,2020 -  internet newspaper “Realnoe vremya”


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