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September 12, 2017    

TAIF-NK takes part in the 24th international specialized exhibition «Oil, gas. Petrochemistry»

TAIF-NK took part in the 24th international specialized exhibition «Oil, gas. Petrochemistry», which is held from September 6th through September 8th in the exhibition center «Kazan trade fair» as a part of Tatarstan oil and gas petrochemical forum.
TAIF-NK main products were presented at the Company`s booth: gasolines grade Regular-92 and grade Premium-95, diesel fuel EURO-5, road bitumen, jet fuel, heating kerosene, granulated sulphur. The official delegation headed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Alexey Pesoshin visited the Company`s exhibition area on the exhibition opening day.
Within participation in the forum TAIF-NK was presented with the certificate of the Contest «Best exhibit, best project or best engineering solution» in nomination «New or most advanced production» for a new product development, namely jet fuel grade RT.

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