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November 19, 2018    19.11.2018

TAIF-NK strengthens its position in the largest Russian businesses ratings

The analytical agencies summed up the 2017 results and published the ratings of the largest Russian companies, according to which TAIF-NK not only maintained but did strengthen its leading position. According to the Forbes, the Company is rated as the 52nd among the 200 largest private companies in Russia, which is now 4 lines up as compared to 2016. In the RBC rating among the 500 largest companies in terms of revenue, TAIF-NK got higher by 3 lines, taking the 79th place (82nd in 2016). According to the Expert RA rating agency, TAIF-NK also got higher by 3 lines and took 84th place (87th in 2016) among the 600 largest companies in Russia.

Being a member of the TAIF Group, TAIF-NK represents an up-to-date oil refinery operator in the Republic of Tatarstan. The TAIF-NK Refinery is comprised of the Crude Oil Processing Plant, the Gasoline Plant, and the Heavy Residue Conversion Complex. The TAIF-NK Refinery offers more than 25 oil product items, the main of which are diesel fuel, naphtha, motor gasoline, jet fuel, and liquefied light hydrocarbons.

Core business activities of TAIF-NK:

  • hydrocarbon feedstock processing;
  • production and sales of oil products and their derivatives;
  • construction and operation of industrial plants.

The TAIF-NK’s strategic objective is to ensure its leading position in the hydrocarbons processing and oil product sales markets whilst fully satisfying the needs and expectations of the Shareholder, as well as those of consumers and workers, first of all, through increasing the application of the existing technologies and mastering the new advanced technological processes.

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