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A mourning rally dedicated to the 34th anniversary of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan was arranged at the peacekeeping soldiers memorial complex in Nizhnekamsk. TAIF-NK employees honored the memory of soldiers who lost their lives in the Afghan war and laid flowers at the monument.

Employees of Nizhnekamsk enterprises and organizations, schoolchildren, participants of local military conflicts, mothers of fallen soldiers came to honor the memory of fellow countrymen who lost their lives in Afghanistan.

Ramil Mullin - Head of Nizhnekamsk Municipal District, Mayor of Nizhnekamsk, Grigory Kitanov - Adviser to the head of Nizhnekamsk Municipal District, Chairman of Nizhnekamsk Municipal District Veterans Council, Gazinur Sitdikov - Military commissar of Nizhnekamsk and Nizhnekamsk district, Albert Bagautdinov - representative of the Nizhnekamsk branch of the organization "Combat Brotherhood" addressed the audience with welcoming speeches.

- Laying flowers on this memorable date is a tribute to the peacekeeping soldiers from the staff of our company. We honor their military contribution that they have made to protect the interests of our Motherland," said Vladimir Gatunok, TAIF-NK JSC Assistant General Director.

TAIF-NK is a socially oriented company that takes an active part in patriotic, cultural, and sporting events. In particular, TAIF-NK regularly assists to the Tatarstan Cadet Corps of the Volga Federal District, where future officers are trained.

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