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January 22, 2019    

TAIF-NK representatives pay a visit to hard-of-hearing children and present them sweet gifts

TAIF-NK representatives visited the Nizhnekamsk Residential-Educational Campus for children with health limitations. Regardless the fact that the New Year holidays have already come to the end, the TAIF-NK’s employees decided to extend the New Year holidays’ cheer and delivered memorable presents and sweet gifts to the children. At the moment as many as 46 hard-of-hearing children study at the educational institution. This is not the first time that TAIF-NK representatives visit the children. TAIF-NK doesn’t also forget to provide assistance to the Residential-Educational Campus.
Children from large families and the most active children living in the 9th and the 10th residential area also received pleasant gifts from TAIF-NK during this day.
TAIF-NK is a leading modern enterprise running in the petroleum refining industry sector in the Republic of Tatarstan. The Company continuously pays special attention to charity activities and social events. In visiting children in different social and educational institutions and delivering them gifts the Company tries to bring at least a bit of kindness and joy into their world


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