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December 2, 2020    

TAIF-NK representatives paid a visit to people with disabilities

In early December, the Decade of Disabled People is traditionally held. As part of the decade, every year representatives of TAIF-NK JSC visit disabled workers at their homes. This year was no exception. Representatives of the company visited everyone, wished them longevity and handed them food packages. Due to the complex epidemiological situation, people with disabilities were congratulated with observation of all safety measures - using gloves, masks and disinfectants.
All these people have devoted many years for the benefit of their dearly beloved enterprise. This date is a great opportunity to once again express our utmost honour and respect to them. Courage, resistance and the ability to enjoy life, despite ailments, arise sincere admiration. Of course, the efforts made do not fully compensate for all the difficulties they face, therefore, the attitude of society towards people with disabilities is very important. We always need to remember that respect, kindness and simple human warmth can make our world a better place” says Maksim Novikov, General Director of TAIF-NK JSC.
Social policy is an important component of TAIF-NK JSC activities, therefore, taking care of the personnel, including non-working pensioners, is one of its most important priorities.

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