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December 27, 2013    «Tatarstan» journal, №12, December 2013.

TAIF-NK PSC: trends leading to result.

The basis of TAIF-NK strategy is dynamic development, improvement of technological processes and innovation management. The rate of transfering of the Company's refining capacity to motor fuel of high ecological standards is ahead of the Technical Regulations of the Government of Russian Federation and is fully consistent with the Program of modernizations of refineries in Russia.

Building an efficient refinery is a national priority today. Modern trends in the industry are aimed to deepening the oil refining and to the implementation of new projects. Economic Development Program of Tatarstan is directly related to the petrochemistry and refinery, where the main problems are increasing the amount, the efficiency and quality of oil refining, which is impossible without the implementation of innovative technologies. TAIF –NK PSC the main member of the refining sector of petrochemical complex of Tatarstan Republic. Implementation of programs, which have big importance for the development of the Republic, is the main focus of the Company.Since the foundation in 1998, the Company is constantly evolving and increasing capacities. The goal of all initiatives is increasing the depth of oil refining, production of high-quality products, as well as intermediate products for the needs of the chemical and petrochemical industry of Tatarstan Repblic.

Vector direction of growth

Innovation policy, modernization of production are strategically important factors for the development of the Company and they give the expected results - since 2008 TAIF-NK gasolines are consistent with EURO-4 quality standard, since 2012 the Company passed to production of EURO-5 European standard diesel fuel and currently Heavy Residue Conversion Complex is being actively constructed, after launching of which Russia will get effective world quality standard refinery production. Today, the entire range of products is highly competitive and includes 25 items: gasoline, jet, marine and diesel fuel, road bitumen, liquefied petroleum gases, and so on. Key indicators of activity reflect the effectiveness of the chosen direction of development: the percentage of the Company in the total amount of crude oil processing in Russian Federation in 2012 was to 3.1% and 53.7% in Tatarstan republic. The basis of the Company's achievements is technological improvement of refining capacity. During the 2012-2013 the large amount of reconstructions of technological units and other objects was done. Gas oil hydro treating unit was reconstructed with purpose to increase the capacity; the plant productivity was increased by 30%; additional hydrotreating reactor DC-302 was constructed and installed; catalyst system was increased by 200 m3, vacuum drying column DA- 302 and heat recovery section hydrotreating reaction, which allowed to refuse reconstruction of raw materials heating furnace and improve energy efficiency, were mounted. This year, hydrogen installation was reconstrusted and its productivity was increased up to 26.5 thousand Nm3 per hour, productivity of gasoil hydrotreater was increased up to 2300 thousand tons per year, production of law viscosity marine fuel with high level of sulfur content was stopped. This event is aimed at conversion of all of TAIF-NK PSC distillates to high quality oil products, particularly to EURO-5 quality diesel fuel. The plans include ensuring the EURO-5 quality for motor gasoline by 2015. The Company continues to develop the retail sales network, which makes it possible to provide the population by quality fuel. By the present time, TAIF-NK PSC operates 13 petrol filling stations; another 15 are working under the TAIF-NK brand. Three petrol filling stations in Aznakaevo, Vysokogorskiy and Elabuzhskiy districts are starting operation this year. Plan for 2014 is to build two petrol filling stations: Comprehensive modernization program and implemented technologies help to achieve new points in business growth of the Company. During the 9 months of 2013 TAIF-NK PSC has processed 6.1 million tons of raw materials, including 5.2 tons of crude and 875 thousand tons of gas condensate. Total amount of products produced by TAIF-NK during the period from January 2013 to September 2013 was about 6 million tons. The amount of products for export was 3.7 million tons. The percentage of export in sales was 55.3%. Exported products are carried out in two directions – the EU and CIS countries. The amount of products for native market was 2.4 million tons.

Tomorrow's oil refining

Perspective development of TAIF-NK is the construction of Heavy Residue conversion Complex (HRCC). This is a large-scale, capital-intensive project and it has strategic importance for the country. The principal purpose of HRCC construction is to except the production of fuel oil with high level of sulfur by the growth of light highly refined oil products that are made in compliance with international and European quality standards. While designing the Complex, advanced energy saving technologies and activities that would reduce the negative impact on the environment both from designing and existing objects of the Company are expected to be implemented. The HRCC project is initially innovative. The Complex will operate high-tech production. Vacuum residue hydro conversion units will be built using unique technology called “Veba Combi Cracking” (VCC). Depth of oil refinery will increase by the level not less than 95%. This means that oil refining will become almost waste-free. The entire range of Complex’s products will have improved ecological characteristics: low level of sulfur content (not more than 10 ppm in nafta and diesel fuel), aromatic and light hydrocarbons. These are high quality products, which will contribute the needs of Russian and Tatarstan republic Chemistry and Petrochemistry industries and also will be directed to export.

Systematic movement is the key point of success

TAIF -NK PSC is 15 years in the industrial market of the Republic. The Company is actively improving, implementing new technologies in production and management system and because of this TAIF-NK is on the leading positions in Oil Refinery of Tatarstan republic and is in the top ten of country’s Oil Refinery Plants. The Company’s traditions, experience and high qualification level of specialists, understanding the importance of tasks given to the whole Russian Oil Refinery Industry make it possible for TAIF-NK to stay competitive both in Russian and foreign markets.

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