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December 25, 2013    «Russia2030» magazine, December 2013.

TAIF-NK PSC: Potential- Strategy - Quality

For many years the governmental energy strategy of Russia has been providing the raw vector development of the country and orienting Russian Energy to increase the amount of energy production with the purpose of export. Tatarstan Republic, which has large reserves of hydrocarbons and which is leading in oil production in Russia, has remained only as a supplier of raw materials for more than half century. The absence of oil refining industry as a major technological element affected the region’s whole economy and as a consequence, affected the development of the whole country. TAIF PSC created its own branch – TAIF-NK on territory of Nizhnekamsk industrial area in 1997 with purpose of implementation of these tasks. Today the Company is the leader of the oil refining sector of Oil, Gas and Chemistry Complex of Tatarstan Republic.


TAIF-NK PSC includes two large industrial complexes: Refinery Plant and Gasoline Plant. Over the years the Company has achieved good operating results and successfully solves the major problems of the industry - deepening of oil refinery and getting products of world-class quality. New technical regulations of 2008 and the requirements of the Government of Russian Federation of 2011 obliges the oil refineries of country to activate the modernization and to pass completely to producing EURO-4 and EURO-5 standard fuel in 2016. Development strategy of TAIF-NK on technological improvement of refining capacity is fully consistent with this police and its passing rates are ahead of the schedule of passing to the production of European Quality Standard fuel. The Company was the first to pass to production of EURO-4 standard gasoline in 2008, and it passed to production of EURO-5 standard diesel fuel (summer and winter) in 2012.

Competitive strategy

TAIF-NK PSC is in the top ten of country's refineries. Intensive development and implementation of foreign and native modern technologies in the construction and modernization of the Company allowed to provide systematic increase of refining depth from 66% (in 2005) to 75%. This is above the Russian average index, which is 70.6%. In 2012 the company began the construction of a new production – Heavy Residue Conversion Complex according to the unique Veba Combi Cracking technology. Purpose of construction is to bring the oil refining depth at least to the level of 95% and increase the proportion production of high quality light products. This is a new level of oil refining which is consistened with international practices. Implementation of this project will have a positive impact on the environment in the region that is strategically important for both the development of the Republic and for the oil refinery industry of the whole country.

Quality and Responsibility

Social responsibility is a constituent feature of the company. This is the development vector that in priority of modern business today. The construction of Heavy Residue Conversion Complex involves the creation of more than seven hundred jobs that will impact the quality of life and economic growth of the region. Control of the ecology is one of the most important issues of the modern industrial companies.Solving the problem of minimizing the impact on the environment, TAIF-NK purposefully moving towards the redistribution of production in favor of the highest quality fuels. TAIF-NK PSC has a wide range of products: gasoline, jet, marine and diesel fuel, road bitumen, liquefied petroleum gas and so on. Almost half of all the products is exported to fourteen European countries and 58 regions of Russia . The total retail sales if TAIF-NK is also growing through its own network of petrol filling stations, which consists of 28 stations. Implementation of investments and production of high-quality products allow the Company to improve the environmental situation in the regions of Russia. The basis of this process is the new resource saving technologies and modern production methods. Along with this, an effective system of environmental management, the mission of which is to improve the environmental safety of production objects, optimizing the use of natural resources and pollution prevention, is created in TAIF-NK. In addition to this, the Company is successfully working on improvement of the ecological characteristics of products. Sulfur content in EURO-5 diesel fuel is minimized – it is less than a thousandth of a percent. Due to the low content of aromatic hydrocarbons and sulfur the opacity of exhaust gases and emission of harmful products of combustion to the atmosphere decreases. High quality and ecological characteristics of all products are confirmed by the first places taken in "ECOleader", "Best Goods of Tatarstan Republic", "100 best goods of Russia" contests. For significant achievements in quality, the implementation of effective management methods TAIF-NK PSC was awarded the Prize of the Government of Russian Federation in the field of quality. Rational use of oil is a problem of national importance for the country, in which the oil is the basis of the economy. Today Tatarstan is the largest center of the chemical industry of the country, where the Petrochemistry and Oil refining contribute to building of the economy with high level of industrial development. Companies of this sector represent a unified cluster, the components of which are included to the holistic technological chain: from the stage of oil exploration and extraction to the final production of goods the final stage of hydrocarbons processing. Because of the implementation of the new technologies into production and management system TAIF-NK is on the leading places in Oil refinery industry of Tatarstan Republic.Providing a consistently high quality of its products, competitive and innovative potentia, the Company has proven that it has everything needed for the continued sustainable growth and achieving the goals.

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