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TAIF-NK PSC grants new-year discounts for fuel to its customers.

TAIF-NK Public Stock Company congratulates you, our dear automobilists, with the New Year festivals and would like to invite you to get high quality fuel in the “TAIF-NK AZS” fuel filling station network at a discounted price. TAIF-NK wishes health and prosperity to you in the New Year.

The discount is provided when the sum of filling up reaches 1000 rub and valid during the period from December 26 to December 31, 2016. Please clarify the more detailed information regarding this promotion action with operators of filling stations.

TAIF-NK oil products win the National Contest “100 Best Goods of Russia”

The laureate in the category “Industrial goods” is polymer modified asphalt cement PBV 60; and the winner is winter Diesel Fuel EURO, class 2, ecological class K5 (DT-З-К5), Unleaded Petrol Regular-92 (AI-92-К5) and Unleaded Petrol Premium-95 (AI-95-К5).

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