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November 13, 2017    2017-11-13

TAIF-NK products are winners of the contest “100 Best Goods of Russia 2017”

Viscos construction bitumen grade БНД 50/70 becomes laureate of prestige contest “100 Best Goods of Russia 2017”. Bitumen produced as per new standard science June 1, 2016 has increased resistance and permits to extend the life of asphalt mix that is highly appreciated by experts. The main purpose of contest is to increase interest of companies and enterprises in production of competitive products for the purpose of modernization and implementation of national projects as well as provide consumers marker with high-quality goods and service.
In addition Jet Fuel grade РТ and Industrial Sulphur Prill grade 9998 became diploma winners of “100 Best Goods of Russia 2017” contest.
It is very prestige to become a winner of contest “100 Best Goods of Russia 2017”. TAIF-NK faces higher image stage followed by more serious responsibility for high quality products production.

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