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September 2, 2021    


Kazan hosted the 28th International Specialized Exhibition “Oil, Gas. Petrochemistry”. This event was included in the program of the Tatarstan Petrochemical Forum. More than 150 companies from Russia, near and far abroad countries participated in the Expo. TAIF-NK Refinery was among the permanent participants as well. All detail information you can find in “Real time” report.

The largest event in the Oil and Gas and Petroleum Refining Industry sector in Russia

   Kazan has traditionally become the center of the Tatarstan Petrochemical Forum. It is one of the largest international events in the Russian Oil and Gas Industry. The President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov took part in the official opening ceremony.

- I wish to extend a warm welcome to you, participants of Tatarstan Petrochemical Forum. A lot of interesting topics covering new challenges will be raised here. I believe that events included in the program of a Forum would be beneficial to the participants. I wish a fruitful work to all of you, said the President of the Tatarstan Republic.

Mr. Mikhail Ivanov, the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation emphasized in his speech that for many years the Tatarstan Petrochemical Forum had been bringing together the major companies of the Fuel and Energy Complex, Science and Mechanical Engineering.

- Topical issues of petroleum and chemical industries development, digitalization, and import substitution are discussed here. I am sure that this year the Forum will be held at a high professional level,” he added.

 Mr. Nurlan Nogaev, Minister of Kazakhstan Energy Sector extended his congratulations to all the participants on the occasion of the Tatarstan Republic Day. and expressed his hope for further strengthening of cooperation. The guests of honor launched the event by pressing the symbolic button. Then they went to inspect the petrochemical industry achievements which were presented at the 28th International Specialized Exhibition “Oil, Gas. Petrochemistry”.

The Expo is one of the largest industry events in the Volga Federal District, which belongs to three top Russia’s regional exhibitions in the Petrochemical Sector and has a particular importance for development of economy, technological infrastructure and technical upgrade of the enterprises of the Russian Petrochemical традиционно Complex.

TAIF-NK JSC is one of the major exhibition participants

The Company’s production range is 49 items. The main products are Diesel and Straight-Run Gasoline, Motor Gasolines, Liquefied Petroleum Gases, Jet Fuel and Bitumen. TAIF-NK JSC has recently declared a new product - Euro-6 Diesel with ultralow sulfur content. Another type of product was also presented at the exhibition. It is Polymer-Bitumen Binder (ПБВ-60). The use of Polymer-Bitumen Binder for road construction extends the service life of the roadway by 4-6 years. It has a wider plastic range; high elasticity rates and it is also more resistant to thermal oxidative degradation compared to the road bitumen BND grade.

Polymer road surfaces are more resistant to deformation, cracks and ruts at increased traffic loads. One example is Bitumen BND 50/70 and ПБВ-60 produced by TAIF-NK JSC was laid down on the road between Naberezhnye Chelny - Zainsk - Almetyevsk (Tukayevsky district of the Tatarstan Republic) in August 2016. Currently the road is well operated and is in good condition.

 - Nizhnekamsk bitumen is frequently used for construction of high-quality roads not only by the Tatarstan road workers but also by the Kirov and Ulyanovsk regions. Foreign buyers highly appreciate its quality. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mexico and Bolivia place orders for this product. All manufactured products are in great demand on the territory of Tatarstan, the Russian Federation and abroad. The demand for TAIF-NK products is high, - noted Ilshat T. Fattakhov TAIF-NK JSC Deputy General Director, Commercial Director.


The whole range of TAIF-NK oil products complies with the requirements of the global quality standards. Several times the products were awarded in the prestigious contests of Tatarstan and Russia. Following the results of the contest “100 Best Goods of Russia” RT Grade Jet Fuel and Road Bitumen BND 70/100 won the recognition.

Light oil products draw-off increased from 76% to 80.2%

In spite of the negative situation in the global and domestic economies, TAIF-NK JSC not only continued its work but even increased the refinery yield and draw-off of light oil products. The Company reduced the production of dark oil products due to their use as feedstock at HRCC Complex. As a result, not only the structure of production was improved but also new record levels were achieved. Light oil products draw-off increased from the previous 76% to 80.2%.

These values were achieved considering the ongoing work of Heavy Residue Conversion Complex in integrated test run mode. It is expected that the light oil products draw-off will be more than 90% considering the Complex further stable operation.

As before, one of TAIF-NK priority direction is environmental safety issues. The Company continues to implement the “Clean Air” project aimed at reducing the negative impact on the atmosphere.

A contract was negotiated to equip a chimney of the Heater BA-301 (Workshop No.3, Crude Oil Processing Unit) with an automatic control system (ASMV) of source of pollutant emissions for the amount of 34.4 million rubles in 2021. Design and survey works have been arranged under this contract as part complex ecological permits (IEP). A detailed quantitative and qualitative survey of TAIF-NK JSC emission sources was carried out to develop a feasibiity study for design and installation of automatic control systems for pollutant emissions.

TAIF-NK JSC activity (one of the leading core enterprises of the republic) aims at improving of hydrocarbon feed processing and the production of premium oil products. This activity directly contributes to the implementation of the republic's petrochemical complex development program as part of the republic Strategy of socio-economic development - 2030 as well as addressing a problem for setting the stage of national competitiveness.


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