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July 7, 2021    

TAIF-NK petroleum products again honor awards at the Republic of Tatarstan level contests

Following the Republic of Tatarstan Contest “Best Products and Services of Tatarstan Republic - 2021” TAIF-NK products again were announced winners.

TAIF-NK “EURO-6” Diesel Fuel, inter-season, Grade Е, Emission Class К5.

became the Laureate of the contest in the nomination: “Industrial and Consumer Goods”:

- Viscous Petroleum Road Bitumen, Grade PBV-60.

won the 1-st rank Diploma.

Ministry for Industry and Trade of Tatarstan Republic annually nominates the best manufactures of goods and services starting from the year 2004. The key purpose of the contest is to motivate and encourage Tatarstan Republic enterprises to improve the quality and competitiveness of their products and services. TAIF-NK JSC petroleum products annually hold leading positions in the contest at the Republic and Federal levels.

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