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December 6, 2021    

TAIF-NK petroleum products again have been marked with prestigious Russian award

According to the results of the All-Russian contest «100 Best Goods of Russia», the products of TAIF-NK JSC again were recognized as the winner.

TAIF-NK «EURO-6» Diesel Fuel, inter-season, Grade Е, Emission Class К5 became the Laureate of the contest in the nomination: “Industrial and Consumer Goods”.

Viscous Petroleum Road Bitumen Grade BND 60 became the diploma winner in the same nomination.

The All-Russian contest «100 Best Goods of Russia» was established in 1997. In each case, tests and appraisal by experts within the framework of the contest are conducted based on the State Regional Centers for Standardization, Metrology and Testing of RosStandart. This ensures a unified approach to product evaluation in different regions and the subsequent comparability of such assessments at the federal level. At the same time, an important basic condition for the objectivity of expert opinions of the State Regional Centers for Standardization, Metrology and Testing of RosStandart is fulfilled, which are not only professionally competent to assess quality, but also independent from different levels of regional authorities.

The objectives of the event are to draw the attention of the general public to problems of quality, safety, including information, increasing the competitiveness of the real sector of the economy and consumer confidence in products.

The TAIF-NK’s petroleum product slate includes 49 items. The main product range offered by the Company includes diesel fuel, straight-run naphtha, motor gasoline, liquefied petroleum gases, jet fuels and bitumen.

The entire petroleum product slate produced by the company meets the world quality standard.

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