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October 8, 2019    

TAIF-NK participates in the “Demography” Project and re-educates more than 200 employees of pre-retirement age

TAIF-NK employees of pre-retirement age have successfully completed a study course under the National Project “Demography” for the purpose of the federal project “Older Generation”. The Company’s representatives having five or less years left until their retirement could improve their skills, or get a new profession so as not to “drop out” of the work process. Before arranging the training program, the Company’s technical training group carried out an extensive study in terms of monitoring how many people of pre-retirement age are on the Company’s payroll, and what are their preferences in terms of obtaining an additional professional education, which would be useful for the Company's employees themselves, as well as being in demand in a workplace.

Using a careful approach to selection of the proposed training programs, three areas were identified as relevant for the TAIF-NK employees – the profession of a slinger, advanced training in labor protection area, and industrial safety course. The new knowledge and skills will help the pre-retirement age employees to continue their work activities, whilst remaining in high demand in the labor market until they take a well-deserved rest.

The National Project “Demography” is implemented in Russia in accordance with the Executive Order of the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin dated May 7, 2018 “On National Goals and Strategic Objectives of the Russian Federation until 2024”. The program is aimed at helping pre-retirement age people getting future employment through organizing vocational training and additional professional education, in the areas being in high demand in the labor market.


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