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April 19, 2020    

TAIF-NK Medical Centers are operating in an enhanced mode

In the first days of the pandemic, TAIF-NK created an emergency response center to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. Managers who are part of the emergency response center are monitoring the epidemiological situation at the enterprise on a daily basis and collect information about employees who are on sick leave, with the clarification of diagnoses. As of today, the increase in the number of cases at the enterprise has not been recorded.

In addition, the response team of emergency response center specifically controls the work of the Company's medical centers, which are now working in an enhanced mode. Every day, every two hours, disinfection of health centers is carried out: wet cleaning of premises, quartzization and airing; door handles are washed with a disinfecting solution. All six health centers, which employ four nurses and four paramedics, are fully provided with the necessary medicines and equipment for both daily use and emergency care. Those who seek help are visually examined by the medical staff for the presence of symptoms of viral diseases; body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. are measured. If adverse physiological parameters are detected, employees are sent home with a strict recommendation to seek help from medical institutions in the town.
Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation, in order to prevent the spreading of viral infections, the management of TAIF-NK decided to postpone the date of scheduled medical screening of the company's personnel, which were to be conducted in May and June. In order to preserve and maintain the health of employees, TAIF-NK continues to operate a relaxation room with an ultrasonic spraying of essential oils, a massage bed and a speleochamber. The healing microclimate of such salt caves helps cope with viral diseases.



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