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TAIF-NK took part in the event dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the arrival of the first tractor and sled train to Nizhnekamsk. Meeting in honor of this date was held today on the square at the Wall of Honor on Stroiteley Avenue. Among the invited guests were direct participants of a large-scale historical event – first builders of the city, who arrived in our region on December 25, 1960, in order to build a small town in an open field at first, and later, one of the young and well-developed cities of Russia.

TAIF-NK JSC is a representative of a new generation of oil refineries in our country. A company with a high degree of social responsibility that successfully implements projects aimed at improving the quality of life of its employees. TAIF-NK conducts various charitable activities and makes a worthy contribution to the implementation of sponsorship and charitable projects of the Republic of Tatarstan aimed at supporting and developing agriculture, education, health, sports, culture and art, protecting public order, as well as providing targeted assistance to those in need. The company also actively promotes the involvement of employees in key public events dedicated to significant events or memorable dates.   


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