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February 23, 2021    

TAIF-NK management pleased cadets with Defender of the Motherland Day

On the threshold of the most courageous holiday - Defender of the Motherland Day, representatives of TAIF-NK visited the Tatarstan Cadet Corps of the Volga Federal District named after the Soviet Union hero Gani Safiullin in Nizhnekamsk. Pupils of the cadet corps prepared the gala concert for the holiday guests.
In its turn, TAIF-NK got into the act and also prepared creative gift for the cadets and the teachers of the cadet corps. It was the performance of Nizhnekamsk musical band “The Afghan Soldiers” who sang their best soldier’s songs about love for the Country and military days.
Over the years TAIF-NK JSC has actively participated in implementation of KaDetstvo project. Thanks to the financial support of the Enterprise, in this Tatarstan cadet corps named after Hero of the Soviet Union Gani Safiullin, a complete overhaul was previously carried out, a swimming pool was built, material and technical resources were updated as well as all conditions for sport activities were provided.
The Company plans to participate in the development of the cadet corps. TAIF-NK understands that it is very important to promote patriotism since school days. In fact, it is possible not only prepare high-quality staff members for the Russian military but also the most important is to motivate young people to serve in the army and to defend the Motherland. Nationally-minded young generation is the foundation for a strong and successfully developing country.


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