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May 9, 2020    

TAIF-NK management honored the memory of the soldiers fallen in the World War II

Today TAIF-NK management headed by the General Director, Rushan R. Shamgunov, payed a visit to the Nizhnekamsk Square of Victory and honoured the memory of the soldiers who died in the World War II. Having laid flowers at the Victory Monument and after paying a minute's tribute of silence to the memory of soldiers, representatives of TAIF-NK made way towards the city cemetery where they also paid tribute by laying flowers at the Common grave. It is to be recalled that in January of this year, the TAIF-NK company contributed to arranging the reburial ceremony of the remains of the nineteen soldiers from the 80th separate ski battalion from Tatarstan in the Common grave. The principle staff of the battalion was made up of the natives of our republic.

Dear war veterans of the Great Patriotic War, workers of the home front and the war children!

On behalf of the entire TAIF-NK staff and on my own behalf, I heartily congratulate you on the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War! This holiday not subject to the statute of limitation, like no other, is close and understandable to all citizens of our great country, to all people of good will, without distinction of ages, nationalities and religions. Solicitous attitude of the older generation to the destiny of their country for everybody should be a striking example of patriotism and the strength of popular faith! It was a high price that the war veterans paid for the Victory; today many of them are no longer with us! But we do remember their military glory! Thanks to our heroes, we can work peacefully, enjoy life and bring up our children! I wish you good health, emotional warmth, attention and care of the close ones! May the skies always be peaceful, and the sun shine brightly! I bow low to you!

Rushan R. Shamgunov,
General Director of TAIF-NK JSC

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