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August 3, 2022    the newspaper "The Republic of Tatarstan"

TAIF-NK JSC team: healthy lifestyle is the aim of successful work

Health and safety of employees of any enterprise is always among the core values of the company. The provision of additional benefits, services and social benefits to the staff always generate interest in work of the team, and this is the key to the successful economic activity of the enterprise. С__are for people and their health is a special topic for TAIF-NK JSC. The Company clearly understands that the activities of enterprises in such areas as oil refining are associated with a certain number of risks for both the environment and human health. And we have to acknowledge and understand this. In addition, the working team is main and most valuable capital.

Adhering to the principles of high social responsibility, TAIF-NK JSC traditionally pays special attention to the creation and maintenance of favorable working conditions for employees. All social payments and benefits have been preserved at the enterprise, the corporate wellness program continues to operate, including a full cycle of measures aimed at preserving the employees’ health.

Healthy team is well-being of the Company

Employees’ periodic medical check-up is an inspection that is carried out by the Company once a year in order to track changes in their health status, identify occupational diseases that have appeared or effect of adverse working conditions on a person. Totally 3664 employees of the Company passed medical examination this year. The Company’s employees were examined by: an ORT specialist, a neurologist, a surgeon, an addiction psychiatrist, a dermatologist, a therapist, a dentist, an ophthalmologist and other specialists. Medical specialists conducted examination and questionnaires, interested in general well-being, asked about complaints, symptoms, previous and chronic diseases. In addition to the doctors’ examination, TAIF-NK JSC employees undergo fluorography, take a general blood test and biochemistry, take heart electrocardiogram and undergo ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and pelvic organs. According to the collective agreement adopted by the Company, women are additionally examined by a gynecologist and a mammologist, undergo ultrasound of the mammary glands.

— I have been working at TAIF-NK JSC for 17 years and I undergo a medical examination every year. I don’t have time to go to the hospital but here I can be examined by highly qualified specialists at once and find out about my diseases. I am very pleased, – says Rainur Kasimov, a Foreman of Maintenance Workshop, TAIF-NK JSC Gasoline Plant.

Medical check-up is a very important event that allows a person to find out about the state of their health, and the employer to confirm the possibility of the employee performing his job duties. Since April 1, 2021, a new procedure for conducting medical examinations has come into effect, approved by order of the Ministry of Health No. 29n. Last year TAIF-NK started conducting periodic medical examinations according to the new requirements. New procedure requires to observe new requirements such as ultrasound examinations of the abdominal cavity, pelvic organs, mammography, additional blood tests. We also fulfill the requirements for conducting psychiatric and narcological examinations of those who work at hazardous production facilities, - says Rinat Kurmanov, Head of Occupational Safety Service, TAIF–NK JSC.

TAIF-NK JSC employees can strengthen their health and improve their well-being in a salt room. It is located on the territory of the Company. According to experts, halotherapy treats ENT diseases, allergies, hypertension, joint diseases and pathologies of the cardiovascular system, as well as headaches and even stress.    

Health recovery in the best sanatoriums and summer camps for children

Based on the results of the periodic medical examination and upon recommendations, employees who need to improve their health, under the voluntary health insurance program can get a ticket to the sanatorium or health centers. Employees of the Company using preferential vouchers can rest at the best health centers of Tatarstan — “Karabelnaya Roshch”, “Varzi-Yatchi” and “Bakirovo”. These are beautiful comfortable sanatoriums with a landscaped territory, parks, swimming pools - places for good rest and walks. Sanatorium and healthy centers meet all the requirements to improve health and fully rest: a wide range of medical services, excellent nutrition, contests, discos and sports events according to the opinion of the Company’s employees currently resting there. There are also special “Mother and Child” shifts where treatment and entertainment are provided to both adults and children.

Children of TAIF-NK JSC employees also have fun and actively spend time. This year the health camps opened their doors for the children in Nizhnekamsk such as “Chaika”, “Olympian”, in Naberezhnye Chelny such as “Solnechnyi”, “Krylatyi” and in Kazan such as “Baitik”.

12-year-old Anastasia Novikova is resting in the health and educational camp “Baitik” for the second time. TAIF-NK provided a ticket to the girl’s mother.

— First time I visited that camp four years ago. I really enjoyed it and I decided to go again. This is a great opportunity for me to learn something new in the company of the enthusiastic children as me. The camp has several specialized areas. I selected “Applied Art” because I like to draw. We are taught various drawing techniques, color perception, communication with nature in our art classes. It helps me to develop thinking and analytical abilities, - the girl says.

Close-knit team is formula for success of production activities

The social system, or as they say, the policy of the Company is both personnel protection and productive employment of employees, the improvement of living conditions, health guarantees and respectively the employees relax and rest. TAIF-NK tries to develop sports and creative initiatives among the staff in addition to the all above-mentioned conditions. An example is the sports and entertainment festival “Health Day” where the Company’s employees not only demonstrated their team spirit in competitions but also showed their creative abilities.

— Throughout the year TAIF-NK holds competitions in various sports: football, hockey, tennis, volleyball where the winners are identified. But such family holidays where a separate program is prepared for the employees’ children not only unite TAIF-NK JSC but also have a positive impact on solving production tasks. A close-knit and friendly team can find prompt and correct solutions in the most unusual situations, – notes Maxim Novikov, TAIF-NK JSC General Director.

At the sports festival the teams had to pass a series of tests for strength, speed, endurance and reaction speed - to lift weights, outmuscle rowing machines and exercise bikes, jump in a synchronized manner at Jumping Basic and yoga tasks. All these exercises are performed under the supervision of experienced coaches. While the adults were figuring out who of them were the strongest and most resilient, the children of the Company’s employees had fun with the animators. Sports games, contests and prizes were also waiting for young participants. The winners of the competition and the Company’s activists were awarded at the end of the big sports festival. The positive ending of the “Health Day” was a creative concert arranged by TAIF-NK JSC employees.

Corporate culture of the largest companies such as TAIF-NK JSC is aimed at maintaining employees good physical shape by holding annual sports events. An example for a team at an oil refinery is the Company’s management. At the initiative of Maxim Novikov, TAIF-NK JSC General Director, who, by the way, promotes healthy lifestyle in the Company, sports-related events are held at the Company on an almost monthly basis. The last event was an “Open Day” for the Company’s employees at one of the largest fitness centers of the town and a joint training on Cycle exercise bikes among the Company’s managers.

— Today, having come to a joint training session, we received a lot of positive emotions that affect our vitality and mood. Physical exertion helped to overcome ourselves, to understand own strengths and weaknesses. We don’t always manage to get together like this. Having gathered us together, Maxim Novikov charged us with a positive attitude, and we, in turn, as managers, will involve our team in sports – shares his emotions Alexey Khristoforov, TAIF-NK JSC Head of Design Department.

The formation of social infrastructure, financing of significant regional programs, support for healthcare, education and sports are among the important areas of TAIF-NK JSC corporate culture.

Over the years of successful work, the Company has achieved the highest production, financial performance and social indicators and proved that it has all necessary facilities for further sustainable growth and achieving all set goals. The Company’s team has all preconditions for this: strong material and technical base, cohesive team, a strategically minded leaders who ensures safe working conditions and stable level of social protection. Constant progress, development and introduction of modern technologies into production, expansion of the product line and geography of deliveries are realities for the Company, which, in terms of tasks, quality of results and efficiency of work, fully meets the main criteria of the leader company in the Russian oil refining industry.

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