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March 26, 2020    

TAIF-NK JSC strengthened coronavirus (COVID-19) preventive measures

Due to hospital hygiene and infection control in Tatarstan Republic, an emergency operations center was established at TAIF-NK to prevent coronavirus transmission. For preventive purposes, visiting TAIF-NK JSC production facilities by outside parties are temporarily limited in order to avoid the risk of virus transmission. The Company arranged the procurement of additional disinfectants for personal and public hygiene.

Restriction of contacts with foreign citizens:

- Employees official business trips are canceled;

- Foreign delegations visits are canceled. All negotiations and advisory assistance are conducted by using modern communication systems such as tele and video conferences;

- The Company’s employees are advised not to travel outside Russia during their holidays. Upon returning from overseas trips, employees have to go through 14-day quarantine. 

Enhanced disinfection measures:

 - All employees were informed about the observance of safety precautions and personal and public hygiene rules (memos, information messages via corporate email, etc.);

 - Before coming to work, the Company’s employees independently measure body temperature and immediately contact the city’s medical centers at the first cold-related symptoms. During the working day, a visual inspection of the employees for disease symptoms is carried out;

 - Keeps records of all employees on sick leave;

 - Regular wet cleaning (at least three times a day) with the use of disinfectants is carried out in TAIF-NK premises;

- Checkpoints and canteens are equipped with dispensers with antiseptic disinfectants virucidal action;

- It is recommended that all employees ventilate the room every 2 hours, independently disinfect the surfaces of tables, chairs, computer equipment, etc. The Company arranged the procurement of additional disinfectants for these purposes. 

Restrictions on access to TAIF-NK facilities and movement around the territory:

- All public events are postponed or completely canceled;

- Meetings are recommended to transfer to the format of telephone conferences;

 - It is recommended that all correspondence and documentation be forwarded via electronic document management system or corporate e-mail system. In case of special necessity, the documentation is transferred strictly through authorized persons;

- Restrictions are imposed on competition to fill the vacancy;

- For managers it is recommended to cancel all meetings and negotiations or conduct them remotely using modern means of communication.

- The access of outside parties to TAIF-NK JSC canteen is limited.


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