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June 1, 2021    

TAIF-NK JSC representatives celebrate children with disabilities

  TAIF-NK JSC representatives celebrated Nizhnekamsk young citizens on International Children's Day. Festive events were arranged at the recreation-and-entertainment park. This time the Company provided charitable support to the Public Organization “Association of parents and foster parents of disabled children” and presented gifts to each child. Currently the Organization provides comprehensive assistance to the families where 145 children with disabilities are brought up.”

    - Today is a wonderful celebration - International Children's Day! Let me congratulate you on this bright and very important holiday on behalf of TAIF-NK and personally on behalf of Mr. Novikov TAIF-NK JSC General Director. You are an example of strength and will. You have no equal in strength of mind! We wish your every day to be bright and wonderful, fun and interesting, exciting and unique! Be in progress and be interested in everything new and exciting. You can always count on us as-adults! We would like to thank you, dear parents, for unfailing love for children, for the constant attention and care for their upbringing. The fact remains that only we - adults can make childhood bright and careless. Let every child feel safe, needed, loved and boundlessly happy! Happy Holidays!!!! - Vladimir Gatunok, TAIF-NK JSC Deputy General Director for General Issues congratulated the children and their parents.   

TAIF-NK company as a socially oriented enterprise also takes care of its employees. All personnel of the Company are protected with the company benefits that include guarantees and compensations under the labor legislation, as well as additional payments stipulated by the Company’s local normative acts. For example, all families of the enterprise where children with disabilities are brought up received an annual cash payment from TAIF-NK PSC in honor of the International Children's Day.


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