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May 23, 2022    

TAIF-NK JSC: professionals are not born, they are made.

 One of the main problems of economically developed Tatarstan is the shortage of working specialties. According to specialists of the labor market, the «paradoxical situation» in the Republic of Tatarstan is formed because school leavers today increasingly choose humanities and prefer to realize themselves in the fields of economy, law or business. TAIF-NK JSC actively works on popularization of working specialties. The company believes that one of the effective tools for the development of profession and its social status are contests of professional skills.

The contest of professional skills, which is close to the international standards of WorldSkills, is an excellent platform that allows participants not only to loudly assert themselves, but also to develop professional skills. This is the opinion of TAIF-NK JSC, which held another contest «Best in Profession» among young employees of the Company. The competencies such as “Instrument man” and “Electric and gas welder” were presented for the first time. The contest was held on the basis of the N.V.Lemaev College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining .

Along with representatives of the Company, the competition was attended by students of the N.V. Lemaev College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining. Having familiarized with the task of the theoretical part competence of “Instrument man”, the contestants answered the test questions related to metrology, automatic control, error estimation, occupational health and safety.

Rinaz Zainullin works as an instrument man at the Gasoline Plant of TAIF-NK JSC. He says that when he heard about the contest «Best in Profession» he immediately decided to take part in it. He prepared for the contest properly - read a lot of theories, and he honed the practical part at work.

“This is one of the opportunities to realize yourself, your plans, test your knowledge, show in practice what you can do and they may notice you. This is a very good chance to get an additional qualification category by profession and advance your career,” says Rinaz Zainullin, instrument man of TAIF-NK Gasoline Plant.

In the practical part, the Company’s employees demonstrated their knowledge and skills in the performing of tasks: dismantling and installation of pressure differential gauges, calibration of pressure gauges, maintenance, troubleshooting of flow meters. As members of the jury noted, the main requirement for the participants is to do everything in the right sequence, and most importantly in correct way.

“Modern industry cannot work without measuring instruments, since the entire process is based on them. The importance of this profession lies in the fact that the instrument man must properly adjust the instruments, carry out maintenance. Today we have tried to bring the tasks as close as possible to the workflow. They need to understand that this is very important, because we work at a hazardous production facility and any improper action can lead to adverse health consequences. Therefore, the contestant must perform this task accurately and correctly,” says Sergey Dolganov, Chief Metrologist of TAIF-NK JSC and member of the jury.

No less difficult tests awaited the contestants in the competence of “Electric and gas welder”. During the competition, electric and gas welders had to tack-weld the carbon steel elements, as well as to perform the seal welding. An evaluation committee composed of highly qualified employees of the Company monitored the performance of competitive tasks and the quality of work.

“Electric and gas welder is a metal welding specialist. Its professional functions include welding of construction and process structures operating under dynamic and vibration loads. The reliability of process equipment, pipelines, as well as structures of the entire enterprise depends on the quality of the work performed,” says Rustam Bagaviev, Chief Mechanical Engineer of TAIF-NK JSC.

The winners of the contest «Best in Profession» received their deserved awards from the Company. Management of TAIF-NK JSC noted the work of mentors of contestants as well.

“First of all, I am proud of my management of the Gasoline Plant, they helped me in preparing for the contest. They gave me training material, prepared me for the contest and gave encouragement. And so, I tuned up in advance only for the first place, trained hard, and in the end, I have the first place of honor,” shares his emotions Yegor Fedyanin from the Gasoline Plant, the winner of contest «Best in Profession» in the competence of “Instrument man”.

Professionals are not born, they are made.

The company provides wide opportunities for the potential disclosure and career development of its employees, pays serious attention to the professional development of the team, meets high standards in matters of staff motivation and social policy. The company conducts various types of vocational training: training of new workers, retraining, cross-training, advanced vocational training, training courses. During the year, the company conducts more than 10,000 trainings. Last year TAIF-NK started a dual training system.

“We start working with personnel in advance, at least with the final-year students, in order to have a real specialist after graduation, the specialist who “got a taste of” high production practices of our Company. They are already full members of the Company, are fixed in positions and upon completion of training either go to the army or continue to work. Along with all employees of TAIF-NK JSC, students fully receive a decent salary. Thus, the company receives an employee, and the graduate does not waste time on professional adaptation,” says Anton Tukhvatullin, Head of the Technical Training Group of TAIF-NK JSC.

 At present, TAIF-NK employs 24 students on the dual system in the following specialties: instrument man, process unit operator, process equipment maintenance man, electricians, and casters. New recruits are assigned to the mentors – the experienced specialists who help to acquire all the necessary skills in order that the new employee can quickly join the team and master the profession.

Ramil Valeev, Head of Shift, Workshop No.03, TAIF-NK Crude Oil Processing Plant is one of the most experienced specialists of the Company. In three decades of his work, he has trained many young people, transferred the experience, knowledge to them, and opened the way to the big world of oil refining.

“Today’s young people are very competent. They are ambitious and self-motivated. If you have ambitions, desire, then everyone can make a career in TAIF-NK. If you are not lazy. That is how it should be. It is like this: if you are going to meet, then people are running towards you, " assures Ramil Valeev.

Highly qualified specialists - competitive advantage of the Company

Any employee of the Company, who has the appropriate education, practical experience, professional, business, personal qualities required to fulfil the duties of the post, can be a candidate for adding in staffing reserves of TAIF-NK JSC, which means getting a chance to progress up the career ladder.

“TAIF-NK employs a qualified team that makes maximum efforts to improve working conditions, performance indicators,” assures Alexey Hramov, TAIF-NK Chief Engineer.

“To date, TAIF-NK JSC is the only oil refinery in Russia that processes high-sulphur heavy crude oil with draw off of 95% light oil products. This is an absolute record in Russia and a worthy place at the level of international oil refineries. Such results can be achieved only thanks to highly qualified specialists, namely, highly qualified TAIF-NK personnel. This is our competitive advantage, which we are very proud of and try to maintain it at the proper level,” says Alexey Hramov, TAIF-NK Chief Engineer.

TAIF-NK is a team of professionals, whose energy, knowledge and experience for about 25 years allow making high production results, implementing the unique projects and ensuring stable and reliable operation. The company’s management has plans to improve the level of professionalism of the team and life quality of the employees. Only with proper personnel management, the Company can get a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. Well-chosen and well-trained personnel, a team of like-minded people and partners who are able to understand and implement their tasks, is an essential condition for business success.

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