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40 modern laptops - such a gift in honor of the Year of the Teacher and mentor on the eve of Defender of the Fatherland Day was received from TAIF-NK JSC by the teaching staff and cadets of the Tatarstan Cadet Corps named after Hero of the Soviet Union Gani Safiullin. Vladimir Gatunok, Assistant to General Director for General Affairs of TAIF-NK, presented the certificate for the equipment to the management of the educational institution at a solemn event dedicated to February 23. As the representative of the oil refining company noted, addressing the cadets and teachers in his congratulatory speech on behalf of the Company, which has a long-term friendship with the Nizhnekamsk Cadet Corps, the staff and management of the Company are proud of the achievements of its students in competitions and Olympiads of various levels:

- By awarding this certificate for 40 modern laptops today, we want to create even more favorable conditions for obtaining high-quality knowledge, excellent studies and improving the educational process.

The news of such a replenishment of the educational and technical base, the students and teachers of the cadet corps who were present in the hall, greeted with loud applause and words of gratitude, expressed from the seats. On behalf of the leadership of the Republic, the future defenders of the Fatherland were congratulated by the Federal Inspector for the Republic of Tatarstan Damir Mardanov and presented certificates of honor and memorable photos to four cadets - excellent students and active participants in the public life of the educational institution.

In an interview with Realnoye Vremya, Irina Plaksina, Director of the Tatarstan Cadet Corps of the Volga Federal District, said that some of the laptops received will be handed over to teachers for use, and some will be used for additional classes of cadets:

- We have very talented teachers, but sometimes there is not enough talent and inspiration – we need decent material and technical support for conducting educational and pedagogical activities. Today it is impossible to imagine the work of a teacher without modern and high-quality computer equipment. And we are incredibly happy to receive such a priceless gift for us from our sponsors –TAIF-NK company. Now our cadets will be able to use them both in lessons and in extracurricular activities, to prepare projects, obtain various additional knowledge, and, of course, for entertainment during recreation period.

Before the solemn presentation, a couple of young cadets who are fond of computers were lucky enough to study a technical novelty and try it out in action:

- It was already difficult to study on old laptops, they froze, could not cope with computer graphics. I am sure that now we will not have these problems," says 5th grade cadet Damir Sagdeev.

- Such good laptops will now help us to study easily, solve tasks on specialized websites, prepare projects that teachers assigned to us, and when we have free time, you can safely read a book or watch a movie, listen to music, or play my favorite arcade games and races," adds his classmate David Khalikov.

About 250 cadets are trained in the cadet corps, 40 teachers and several mentors work there.  As part of the republican program, laptops were given to teachers in 2014 and 2016, and although, as Irina Plaksina noted, the equipment is treated very carefully here - they are repaired and brought back to life, still the software and their capacities no longer reach modern requirements, some are morally outdated. Therefore, TAIF-NK company did not hesitate to respond to a request to help with updating computer equipment, timing its presenting to a significant date.                 

It is worth noting that the Company has been patronizing the Tatarstan Cadet Corps for many years, participates in various events, and provides material support. For example, every year all cadets receive New Year's gifts from the oil refining company, and in honor of winning competitions and Olympiads they are encouraged with valuable gifts. Last fall, TAIF-NK acquired new books for the library of the educational institution.



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