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November 21, 2019    

TAIF-NK JSC once again strengthens its position in the ratings of major Russian companies

Analytical agencies summarized the results of the year 2018 and published the ratings of major Russian companies, whereby TAIF-NK JSC has not only retained, but it has also strengthened its leading position.

According to Forbes, the Company holds the 39th position among the Russia 200 Top private companies, moved up thirteen ranks if compared to 2017.

In the RBC 500 largest companies in terms of revenue, TAIF-NK moved up fourteen ranks to the 65th position (the 79th position at year-end 2017).

As reported by the analysts of Rating Agency Expert 400, among the 400 leading Russian companies, TAIF-NK JSC has also moved up twenty-one ranks and holds the 65th position (the 86th position at year-end 2017).

TAIF-NK JSC, being a part of TAIF Group of companies, is a state-of-the-industry oil refinery operator in the Republic of Tatarstan. TAIF-NK Joint Stock Company   comprises Crude Oil Processing Plant, Gasoline plant and Heavy Residue Conversion Complex.  The Company`s product slate includes more than 30 items of which the main products are diesel fuel, naphtha, motor gasolines, aviation kerosene and liquefied light hydrocarbons.

The Company`s core areas of business include:

  • hydrocarbon feedstock processing;
  • production and sales of oil products and derivatives;
  • construction and operation of industrial facilities.


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