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September 2, 2021    

TAIF-NK JSC management takes part in the celebratory assemblies devoted to the Day of Knowledge

Celebratory assemblies were held in Nizhnekamsk educational institutions during the Day of Knowledge - September 1. Vladimir Gatunok - Deputy General Director for general issues celebrated the students of School No. 10 and Petrochemical and Refining college on behalf TAIF-NK JSC General Director.

- Dear children and teachers! I congratulate you on the Day of Knowledge and the beginning of the new academic year! The first of September is always a warm and exciting holiday. For some of you, the doors of the school are opening for the first time, for some - the school is cherished and beloved for a long time. Your friends, favorite teachers, and of course, fascinating world of knowledge are waiting for you! You will gain the knowledge that will be very useful in your future life. From the bottom of my heart I wish all students to have academic achievements, interesting and bright pages of school life! I wish teachers patience, strength in achieving the intendent purpose! - addressed to all present here Vladimir Gatunok, TAIF-NK JSC Deputy General Director for general issues.    

Further, the member of the Company took part in the celebratory assembly of the Petrochemical and Refining college. This education institution trains high quality workers for petrochemical and oil refining industry.

 -I congratulate you on the Day of Knowledge and the beginning of the academic year! Education is the reliable foundation on which the well-being of the country is built. Nizhnekamsk is rightfully considered the capital of petrochemistry and oil refining, therefore, the town and the Board of Education, do what is necessary to give you deep knowledge and a decent education in one of the most important and complex branches of science, and we, the production workers, try to do our best, so that when you come to work, you can realize all your talents and knowledge gained here at one of the largest oil refineries in Russia. I wish each of you to become not only a worthy, educated person but also a real professional in your chosen field! Happy Holidays! – celebrated the students Vladimir Gatunok.

TAIF-NK JSC believes that the system of professional education is well-built in Nizhnekamsk: higher and secondary education institutions provide decent training for future workers to work at township-forming enterprises. High-potential specialists are selected even before graduation from the education institution to work at TAIF-NK. Every year the meetings are arranged between the graduating students and the representatives of industrial enterprises. TAIF-NK JSC representatives evaluate not only the average score of the students but also their intense activity: participation in olympiads and competitions of professional skill before selecting the students for employment.

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