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November 18, 2021    

TAIF-NK JSC: keeping up with the times

 Petroleum and oil refining industries of Tatarstan play an important role in the economic life of the region. For many years, the Republic, possessing large hydrocarbon reserves and leading in oil production, was only a supplier of feedstock to other regions and foreign countries. However, with the emergence of such enterprises as TAIF-NK in the Republic of Tatarstan, the history of Tatarstan oil refining has changed dramatically.

TAIF-NK JSC is one of the most advanced oil refining complexes in Russia in terms of its equipment.  Its history in Tatarstan started in 1997. In two decades, from one plant, the company has grown to a state-of-the-art, high-tech enterprise, which today includes three plants.

The first – Crude Oil Processing Plant that receives high-viscosity Tatarstan Crude Oil. The Сrude Oil Processing Plant produces naphtha (feedstock for petrochemistry), kerosene and diesel fractions, vacuum gas oil and vacuum residue as a result of processing. Not every refinery has the technological capacities to process the heavy feedstock. TAIF-NK copes well with this task. To date, the design capacity of the Crude Oil Processing Plant is 7.3 million tons per year.

Gasoline Plant is the next production facility in the TAIF-NK’s process chain.  It consists of two separate production facilities. The basis for the Production Facility #1 is the Catalytic Cracking Unit, the only one in the country built according to domestic technology, producing basic gasoline. The Production Facility #2 – the Gas Condensate Processing Unit, produces the Stable Natural Gasoline, or alternatively Straight-Run Naphtha, as well as diesel fuel, liquefied hydrocarbon gases, kerosene. The design capacity of the Gasoline Plant together with the Catalytic Cracking Unit is 1 mln. ton per year, the Gas Condensate Processing Unit has the same capacity.                       

     Heavy Crude Oil Conversion Complex is one of the priority directions of TAIF-NK.  According to experts, HRCC is a pattern for the future of world oil refining. It is the first in Russia and the world’s largest production facility based on Veba Combi Cracking technology - it allows processing a wide range of heavy feedstock at high pressure.

 -  “This technology provides processing of heavy residue; this is our design feedstock – vacuum residue. So this is the residue coming from the Crude Oil Processing Plant.  Accordingly, we process this feedstock and produce commercial products such as Diesel Fuel of Euro-5 standard and quality and Straight-Run Naphtha. But at the moment the Unit is in the commissioning mode,” - says Andrey Konovnin, the HRCC Director, TAIF-NK JSC.

    The use of vacuum residue as a feedstock allowed TAIF-NK to increase the depth of processing, while the output of light oil products increased to the record level of 91.4%.           

 - “We are the first Company to implement this complex (HRCC) with maximum recovery of light oil products. And most likely, we are the first who face the practical state of the residue and now continue to make further use of it. In my opinion, in the near future we will gain experience and reach the full depth of processing and will process at least 95% of crude oil into light oil products,” - underlines Maxim Novikov, General Director of TAIF-NK.    

  At the moment commissioning of production capacities is underway at HRCC. The Company obtained the Conclusion on Conformity of the HRCC Plant from the Volga Region Rostekhnadzor Administration. Therefore, the official commissioning of the plant is already in the stretch.

TAIF-NK JSC continues to implement previously initiated large-scale projects aimed at improvement and revamp of existing production.

As before, the company provides production of stable high quality products. Priority for TAIF-NK remains oil products sales that meet all international standards, specifications and regulations. First of all, the Company provides products to the domestic market. 53 - 55% of products such as: Diesel fuel, Gasoline AI-92 and AI-95 of  EURO-5 standard are supplied to the domestic market and about 45 - 47% is exported to the European countries and CIS markets.

 The total product output in 2020  was 7.2 mln tons, 3.8 mln tons of them were sold in Russia, 3.1 million tons were sold in the non-CIS markets, and 0.3 mln tons - in the CIS markets.


Box: The main part of high-quality products is aimed at meeting the needs of the domestic market and for petrochemical industries of the Republic of Tatarstan.            The target markets are

• domestic – markets of Privolzhsky Federal District;

• export – North-West Europe and CIS markets.


   To control the quality of feedstock and finished products, testing laboratories have been established at each TAIF-NK plant. In order to comply with the formulation, specialists keep the whole preparation process under control and regularly take samples of products.

For example, the quality of gasoline is checked against 18 indicators, among them - tests for octane number, mass fraction of sulphur, concentration of lead, iron, manganese etc. On average, it takes at least eight hours to complete the analysis. Only at the Gasoline Plant, during the year more than 40 thousand samples of petroleum products are tested on high-tech equipment. The quality of the products of TAIF-NK JSC has been repeatedly confirmed by winnings in prestigious competitions for manufacturers of the "100 best goods of the Republic of Tatarstan" and "100 best goods of Russia".

The personnel is the main asset and value of the company

   Regardless of the scale of production, its structure can not do without a person.  The company is well aware of this, so they do their best to implement social policy, train employees and create comfortable conditions for life and work. To date, TAIF-NK JSC employs about 4 thousand people, almost half of them - young people up to 35 years old. The company takes care of the employees and does everything to improve their quality of life.

  The promotion of working professions is one of the tasks that are being actively pursued at the federal and regional levels. TAIF-NK JSC believes that Nizhnekamsk has a well-built system of vocational education: higher and secondary educational institutions provide decent training of future employees for city-forming enterprises. Prospective employees for TAIF-NK are selected even before graduation from the educational institution. Every year there are meetings between graduates and representatives of industrial enterprises. When selecting students for employment, representatives of TAIF-NK JSC evaluate not only the average grade of the student, but also the participation of the applicant in the academic competitions and contests of professional skills.

- “Since this academic year, the practice of training in the dual system has been launched in       TAIF-NK JSC — this is when the student of secondary vocational educational institutions, entering the production practice, combine it with the work at the Company. They are already full members of the Company and upon graduation they are fixed in positions. Thus, the company receives an employee and does not waste time on professional adaptation of a new coming employee,” says Anton Tukhvatullin, Head of the Technical Training Group of TAIF-NK JSC.

Newly hired employees receive vocational training, but this opportunity is available not only to newcomers, but to all employees of the Company. TAIF-NK provides different directions and forms: training in related professions, as well as upgrading of skills for newly hired employees in order to master the new professions. Today the Company successfully cooperates with the leading universities of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Social guarantees are one of the measures of support for the staff

Work on supporting the working personnel at TAIF-NK has been carried out for many years. Another support measure is the availability of an extended package of social guarantees comprising not only guarantees provided by the labor legislation, but also additional payments under the Company`s internal act - financial allowance for a vacation; expenses related to implementation of the social mortgage program; financial assistance in various life situations; encouragement for anniversary and holiday dates; financial allowance to the retired, etc.

One of the most important elements of TAIF-NK’s social policy is to provide the employees with new comfortable housing. Employees can get apartments under a "Social Mortgage" and an Additional corporate program. Owing to the implementation of mortgage programs from 2005 to 2021, TAIF-NK employees were provided with 842 apartments with a total area of 51.3 thous. m2. Of these, 662 employees received housing under the social mortgage program, 180 families moved into new apartments thanks to an Additional mortgage program. Over the 16 years, TAIF-NK JSC allocated about RUB 2 bln for mortgage programs.

  For the staff at TAIF-NK, all conditions have been provided not only for work, but also for leisure activities. The Company believes that arrangement of off-work events is an important process in the team-building that cannot be ignored. This year, the company has organized the TAIF-NK Active Group, made up of everyone interested. In their free time, the Active Group organizes various events – a bike ride, fun runs. Employees are given the opportunity to develop their talents. In this matter, of course, the company management’s attitude to such holidays is important. General Director of TAIF-NK JSC Maksim Novikov actively supports all initiatives of young people.

-          “The mission of TAIF-NK is particularly to exploit modern technologies, to produce the best fuel of high environmental standards. Therefore, such goals can be solved only when a person is well-rounded. At the enterprise, we necessarily have industrial training that is in the first instance. In addition, by all means, in their free time, the employees are given the opportunity to develop their potential, to open up in a creative direction. And all of this together gives a positive effect for the enterprise as a whole," says Maksim Novikov, General Director of TAIF–NK JSC.


As a friendly team, TAIF-NK employees not only successfully launch new kinds of products, implement environmental and social programs. Not a single town, republican and all-Russian event can do without participation of the refinery. There are great opportunities ahead in the development of technological and technical innovations, the implementation of production upgrading programs. The company has all the conditions for that: robust material and technical facilities, a cohesive team, a forward-thinking management that ensures safe working conditions and a stable level of social protection.


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