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April 15, 2021    

TAIF-NK JSC joins the Nizhnekamsk Cleanup Campaign

TAIF-NK employees took part in the Community Cleanup Campaign. The teams of the Administration Office, Gasoline plant, Crude Oil Processing Plant and Heavy Residue Conversion Complex came out for cleaning-up Lesnaya Street. The street has been in the Company’s scope of responsibility for many years. There were more than 100 people in total.

TAIF-NK employees collected last year's dead leaves, fallen tree branches, swept the grounds. During cleanup, a special machinery was used into which dozens of bags of garbage were loaded. The next large-scale cleanup of Lesnaya Street will be carried out by the Refinery team in the 20th of April.

TAIF-NK considers the ensuring of the environmental safety and protection as one of the determining factors for successful operation and development of the Company. The Company annually participates in various environmental projects - Community and Republican Cleanup Days, EcoSpring, Green Wave and Clean Shore campaigns. 

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