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May 18, 2020    17.03.2020 the newspaper "The Republic of Tatarstan"

TAIF-NK JSC: in the mode of social responsibility

17.03.2020 the newspaper "The Republic of Tatarstan"

Support and development of socially significant projects and programs are one of the key activities of TAIF-NK JSC over a period of many years. Adhering to the principles of high social responsibility, the Company traditionally pays special attention to creating the positive environment at the enterprise. The priority is the implementation of housing programmes for workers, targeted aid to war and labor veterans, low-income families and physically disabled people, support for culture and sports.

TAIF-NK is one of the advanced companies in the country in terms of techniques and quality of oil products refining. Stable results of the Company’s activities, high industrial practices and the successful implementation of strategic objectives are mainly achieved due to the Company`s major asset – the highly professional staff motivated for the effective work. In turn, TAIF-NK is in full compliance with labor legislation and cares for well-being of its employees over the long run. One way to coordinate the interests of the employer and employees in the modern context is to conclude a collective labour agreement, in which the Company has remained all social payments and obligations to its employees.


Today, about four thousand people work in TAIF-NK, just over half of which are workers under the age of 35. One of the employees support measures is the availability of an extended package of social guarantees comprising not only guarantees provided by the labor legislation, but also additional payments under the Company`s internal acts. At the Company's expense the employees are provided with different kinds of social benefits and services: monthly financial allowance to women being on maternity leave for the period of up to 1.5 years of child’s age; one-time financial allowance on the occasion of birth and/or adoption of a child; one-time allowance on the occasion of a marriage; a payment on the occasion of an employee’s birthday or anniversary date; financial allowance for a scheduled annual vacation; financial allowance to an employee that retired due to the retirement age; financial allowance to the employees having handicapped children up to 18 years of age, etc. One of the most important elements of the TAIF-NK social policy is to provide employees with the housing equipped with modern conveniences. Due to the implementation of the mortgage programs by the Company over the period from 2005 to 2019, 773 families celebrated housewarming. Of these, 654 families received housing under the social mortgage republican program, 119 families received housing due to the corporate additional mortgage program. From 2005 to 2019, TAIF-NK allocated over RUB 1.8 bln for both housing programmes. Under the sponsorship of a shareholder within the mortgage programs, the Company successfully uses co-financing instruments in the form of target loans granting to employees, reimbursement for loan and mortgage interest charges, and makes additional payments in the amount of RUB 200,000.00 at the birth of each child. All employees who have worked at the Company for more than a year can take part in the program. All apartments for TAIF-NK employees are ready-to-move-in apartments, with interior and entrance doors, PVC windows, glassed-in enclosed balconies, plumbing equipment, gas ovens, high-quality finishing materials, and a fire extinguishing system. Each apartment is equipped with utility counters (water, gas, electricity), and heat regulators.

Rushan SHAMGUNOV, TAIF-NK JSC General Director: “Social responsibility and social partnership are those fundamental principles that help to solve in a quality manner the production objectives facing our company. Our absolute understanding is that the main value of the company is our specialists, which are almost four thousand employees. TAIF-NK is and will be the company of social responsibility with the highest level.”

The Company cares for the prosperity of the staff not only for now, but also for the short-term. Running a clearly defined HR policy, TAIF-NK follows the strategy set at the both state and republican levels. High-potential specialists for work at TAIF-NK are selected even before graduation from the educational institution. The Company has developed and successfully operates an adaptation program in order for a new employee to be quickly accepted as one of the team and to master a profession. Newly hired employees take the professional training, and, in addition, they are appointed with the tutors – the experienced specialists who help them to become familiar with the production facilities and learn the necessary skills. The Company keeps in mind the employees with a rich labour experience. At the end of last year, TAIF-NK employees of preretirement age successfully completed training under the national project "Demography" as part of the federal project "Senior Generation". The Company`s representatives, who have to work another five years or less before they get their pensions, have been able to upgrade their skills or get a new profession so as not to fall out of the operating process. Before organizing the training, the specialists of the technical training group conducted a large-scale monitoring of the number of preretirement persons, their preferences in obtaining additional professional education, which would be useful to the employees themselves and would be highly demanded in industries. Under the detailed approach to selecting the proposed programs, three occupations have been identified that are relevant for the TAIF-NK employees - obtaining the profession of a sling operator, OH&S upgrade training course and industrial safety training. The acquired new professions will help employees of preretirement age to continue labour activity and remain in high demand in the job market before they take well-deserved rest.


For many years of operation, the largest petrochemical enterprise of the Republic of Tatarstan TAIF-NK JSC has acquired the status of a reliable and responsible Company, well known not only for the effectiveness of its processing strategy, but also for its significant contribution to the social and economic development of the Nizhnekamsk municipal region and entire Tatarstan. TAIF-NK carries out versatile charity work and makes a worthy contribution to implementation of sponsorship and charitable projects of the Republic of Tatarstan aimed at supporting and developing agriculture, education, public healthcare, sports, culture and art, maintenance of public order, and providing targeted assistance to those in need. Besides, the company also provides strong support to involving the employees into key social activities commemorating significant events or memorable dates.

For instance, the TAIF-NK Company made a contribution to the organization of the burial ceremony of nineteen soldiers of the 80th separate ski battalion from Tatarstan, which was held on January 31st, 2020 in Nizhnekamsk as part of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The remains of soldiers, the main part of which consisted of our republic’s native-borns, were found and identified by the Nizhnekamsk searching group "Poisk" near the village of Lipenka, Pskov Region. Annually Company is among the first to take part in the widespread and socially important Republican charity campaign “Help to get ready for school”. Patriotic upbringing of youth is one of the significant items in Refinery social policy. On the Memory Day of the Victims of Political Repressions, in the Nizhnekamsk Comprehensive Secondary School No. 12 history museum opened its doors. The exhibition is dedicated to the event of that time. Thanks to Company financial support, modern racks for storing various exhibits and all necessary furniture were purchased for the museum. For many years, TAIF-NK has been rendering assistance to Soviet Union Hero Gani Safiullin Volga Federal District Tatarstan Cadet Corps in Nizhnekamsk and transferring significant funds for the implementation of the federal program "KaDetstvo".


Participation in environmental campaigns for TAIF-NK has been a good tradition for a long time. Last autumn TAIF-NK employees once again contributed to the greening up of the Nizhnekamsk municipal district under the Green Wave environmental campaign. In two stages, representatives of the refinery have planted about one and a half thousand trees. In total, starting in 2013, employees of the enterprise planted about 10 thousand seedlings on the territory of the Nizhnekamsk municipal district. TAIF-NK employees have jointed to federal campaign “Green Russia”. Within of its frame, the campaign "Clean Beach" has been initiated on the territory of the Nizhnekamsk. Having cleaned the coastland and surrounding area, TAIF-NK employees have made a contribution to the environmental improvement of the Karakul Lake, unique in Tatarstan. The development of social infrastructure, the financing of significant regional programs, supporting of health care, education and sports, the revival of cultural and spiritual-historical heritage, and most importantly, care for its own work team are some of the important areas of TAIF-NK social activity. Over the years of successful operation, the Company has proved its opportunities for sustainable growth and achievement of all goals. And further on, TAIF-NK is planning to maintain the status of a reliable company which invest heavily in the developing of human capital.

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