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May 24, 2022    

TAIF-NK JSC held a contest "Best in Profession" in the competencies "Instrument Man" and "Electric and Gas Welder"

 Professional skill contest "Best in Profession" was held among the employees of TAIF-NK JSC on the premises of the Lemaev College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining. In the theoretical part of the competence “Instrument Man”, the participants of the contest had to answer 44 questions concerning the definition of instruments, the principles of their operation, the determination of errors, types of measurements and works carried out in metrology.

In the practical part, the company's employees demonstrated their knowledge and skills in performing tasks: dismantling and installation of differential pressure gauges, calibration of pressure gauges, maintenance, troubleshooting of flow meters. As the jury members noted, the main requirement for the participants was to do everything correctly, and most importantly, in the right sequence.

These tasks are performed by employees of the Company in production quite often. Here you need to understand that the readings of the instruments are very important for process control. Without accurate readings of the instruments, the production process in the modern world is simply impossible. Care and accuracy are needed. “When determining the winner, we will take into account all the skills of the participants”, says Sergey Dolganov, a member of the jury, TAIF-NK Chief Instrumentation and Control Engineer.  

In the competence "Electric and Gas Welder", the participants of the contest had to assemble the elements and weld them. And, of course, it had to be done in a quality manner and quickly under the watchful eye of a competent jury.

 “The profession of the electric and gas welder is one of the main ones not only in the construction of new facilities, but also in the construction and installation of existing ones. The reliability of process equipment depends on the quality and skill of these works. Such contests give an opportunity to show everything they are capable of, not only to our employees, but also to college students, who today compete in the competence on a par with the already experienced welders of the Company”, says the TAIF-NK Chief Mechanical Engineer, Chairman of the Jury Rustam Bagaviev.

According to the results of the contest, the best in their competencies were:

Competence “Instrument Man”:

 1st Place – Egor Fedyanin, instrument man of the 4th category, production facility No. 2, the Gasoline Plant;

2nd Place -   Evgeny Glebov, instrument man of the 4th category,  the Crude Oil Processing Plant;

3rd Place  -  Rinas Zaynullin, instrument man of the 4th category,  the Gasoline Plant.

Competence “Electric and Gas Welder”:

1st Place – Dmitry Zhuravlyov, electric and gas welder of the 5th category,  the Gasoline Plant;  

2nd Place -  Sergey Frolov, electric and gas welder of the 6th category, the Crude Oil Processing Plant;

3rd Place – Stepan Okulko, electric and gas welder of the 5th category, the Heavy Residue Conversion Complex.

Alexey Hramov, Chief Engineer of TAIF-NK JSC, presented the well-deserved awards on the stage of the College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining to the winners of the contest. According to him, maintaining a high qualification level of the staff is one of the priorities of the Company's management. Such contests are a good opportunity not only for the Company's employees to prove themselves, but also for their management to identify in them the future leaders of one of the largest oil refineries in Russia.      

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