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October 17, 2022    

TAIF-NK JSC employees together with their families planted fir-tree in Lemaev square.

TAIF-NK JSC employees together with their families came to improve the territory of the square named after N.V. Lemaev. Now young plants of blue spruce are also planted in the already loved by townspeople park. Even rainy weather did not prevent the friendly planting of green spaces and excellent mood of the team. Along with the Company's employees Rafael Igtisamov - Deputy Head of Nizhnekamsk Municipal District Executive Committee and Olga Chernysheva - Head of Health and Safety and Environment Department of Nizhnekamsk Municipal District Executive Committee took part in TAIF-NK JSC environmental campaign.

 - TAIF-NK Company, as a socially–oriented enterprise, always supports various republican and municipal campaigns. Our Company has a special attitude to environmental activities. We take part in urban clean-up events, by the way an environmental two-months campaign is taking place now and we have been improving the territory assigned to us for the second week. We are actively involved in cleaning the bank lines of water reservoirs, cleaning and restoring springs, and today we are planting blue spruce in Lemaev Square. Especially I would like to mention the active members of TAIF-NK because they are the initiators and the most active participants in various events, says Vladimir Gatunok, Assistant General Director for General Issues Department.

Blue spruces are especially valuable tree species. Coniferous trees that do not change their color during the year produce excellent environmental effect in addition to aesthetic beauty. The Company employees were lucky with the weather according to the opinion of the experienced environmental team because rainy weather is the most favorable conditions for the tree survival rate.

- Today I came to plant trees with my mother. She works at TAIF-NK. I have planted one fir tree, when I grow up I will come here and see how it has grown – says Emil Khasanshin, one of the young participants of the environmental campaign.

-A large-scale campaign "Paper Battle» was held in April to collect waste paper among the employees of the enterprise. Employees brought old newspapers, magazines, notebooks and other waste paper. The next stage was a campaign called "Plant a tree" and blue spruces were planted in Lemaev Square. Young plants were purchased with the money received from the transfer of waste paper for disposal. Considering the fact that every hundred kilograms of waste paper is a saved tree, the Company's employees have made a huge contribution to nature conservation, says Ruslan Valiev, Head of Environmental Protection Department, TAIF–NK JSC.

In accordance with the national program "ECOLOGY", TAIF-NK JSC annually conducts a number of activities aimed at preventing negative environmental impacts. Every employee at the enterprise is involved in one way or another in the work of protecting the environment from negative impacts. Starting from the conscious segregation of waste at the working place to participation in environmental campaigns.

- A regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan was adopted in 2006 on the list of environmental protection activities to be undertaken in Nizhnekamsk Municipal District. One of the activities was trees planting in the sanitary protection zone of the Nizhnekamsk industrial hub on an area of more than 1000 hectares. TAIF-NK JSC was one of the first to fulfill its obligations and carried out work on an area of about 400 hectares. TAIF-NK is characterized as an environmentally oriented enterprise because the Company always takes part in all environmental activities – says Olga Chernysheva, Head of Health and Safety and Environment Department of Nizhnekamsk Municipal District Executive Committee.

Environmental responsibility is a mechanism for sustainable development for TAIF-NK JSC. Every year the Company implements a wide range of measures to prevent environmental damage and negative consequences of the Company's activities. Considering the current desire of the whole world for carbon neutrality and reduction of the carbon footprint, TAIF-NK JSC is trying to revamp the equipment by involving more and more energy-intensive products in re-production. Thus, this year, measures were implemented to transfer hydrocarbon gases into the Refinery's own fuel system, which made it possible to reduce the volume of flared by-gases, reduce the consumption of natural gas for stationary combustion, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

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