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August 15, 2021    Internet publication Realnoe Vremya, August 2021.

TAIF-NK JSC donated school bags and stationery to the future first graders from large and low-income families of Nizhnekamsk

On the threshold of the new academic year, within the framework of the republican charitable campaign "Help to get ready for school", TAIF-NK was again one of the first to present school bags and stationery to needy families from Nizhnekamsk. For many years, oil refinery has provided assistance to those for whom preparing a child for school is a large financial burden.


For TAIF-NK JSC, the provision of social assistance to those in need on the threshold of a new school year has long become a good tradition. This year, the first facility to visit again became the Vesta Centre for Social Assistance for Family and Children in Nizhnekamsk, where the employees of the center turned the presentation of enterprise gifts into a theatrical performance for future first graders. Dunno and other fairy-tale characters, who taught the first lesson, came to carry the kids into adult life.  





Vladimir Gatunok, Assistant to the General Director for General Issues, came to the Vesta Center to congratulate future schoolchildren on behalf of the entire company and addressed the children with a welcoming speech:

“For all of you, a new stage of life is coming, full of amazing discoveries, new impressions, important achievements and victories. Knowledge is the key to your successful future. Master and grasp new sciences! You are our future! Let learning come easy for you, lessons be interesting, and breaks at school be fun. I wish the new school year would bring you many amazing discoveries and faithful friends! Let me give you small presents on behalf of TAIF-NK, which will create a good mood for you, I hope!”  

Owing to support of Maxim Novikov, the General Director of TAIF-NK JSC, every year TAIF-NK allocates considerable funds and purchases school bags with all required stationery for needy children. The bags have albums for painting, pencils, markers, paints, pencil cases, notebooks, diaries, colouring books, coloured paper and many other things inside. Such a variety impressed Liliana Gizatullina, the future first grader.

“There are so many things in the schoolbag, everything is so colorful and bright, I really like it. I can't wait to show everything to my classmates,” seven-year-old Liliana is happy with the gift.

“We are very glad that TAIF-NK has the opportunity to help us, the savings for us are very good, of course. For example, I have three children, and it's quite expensive nowadays to get each of them ready for school. I really want my children to go to school like everyone else and not be deprived of something,” Irina Gizatullina, Liliana's mother, shared her impressions.

All this was presented to the future first graders as part of the charity action "Help Get Ready for School", which has been held in the Republic of Tatarstan since 2007.

I would like to note that while there are such enterprises as TAIF-NK, which take the initiative themselves, large and low-income families will feel support and care. We are very grateful to them. Thanks to TAIF-NK JSC, we create a holiday for our children every year,” says Tatyana Mylnikova, Director of the Vesta Centre for Social Assistance for Family and Children in Nizhnekamsk.

“TAIF-NK Company believes that it is important to implement not only large-scale federal and regional programs, but also to help people on the ground. The first of September should be a real holiday for all first graders. But there are families: low-income and large families, where three, four, five and even six children are brought up. It is often very difficult for parents to get them all ready for school. By helping such families, we want to give them the opportunity to step into the school gracefully in a great mood!” says Vladimir Gatunok, Assistant to the General Director for General Issues of TAIF-NK JSC.

As of today, there are 3,030 large and 1,325 low-income families are registered with the Vesta Centre for Social Assistance for Family and Children in the Nizhnekamsk municipal district. 

Another presentation of school pack from the TAIF-NK company took place in the building of the Council of Territorial Public Self-Government of the 22nd microdistrict. Here large and low-income families of Nizhnekamsk also received new school bags. It is for such families that in 2007, at the initiative of the Republican Council for Charitable Activities and the Support of the President of Tatarstan in the Republic of Tatarstan, a charitable campaign "Help to get ready for school" was created, which is actively supported by one of the largest oil refining companies, TAIF- NK JSC.

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