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July 14, 2020    

TAIF-NK JSC continued housing programmes

A few Company’s employees became the owners of the new apartments. Settlement was arranged in Nizhnekamsk, residential area 49, Korabelnaya Street 60. Let us remind that Corporate Mortgage Program is currently applied for TAIF-NK JSC employees, and this Program assists the Company’s employees under the Republic Social Mortgage Program as well as the Additional Housing Provision Program assists employees of TAIF Group of companies launched in 2015 due to the shareholders support. 

Key factor to participate in the Social Mortgage Program is provision in owner-occupied housing that shall not exceed 24 square meters per one member of the family of the Company's employee. TAIF-NK JSC provided its employees with a great advantage, since this figure for Tatarstan Republic public-sector employees is 18 square meters. Moreover, the State Housing Facilities Stock under the President of Tatarstan Republic provides dwelling to employees by installments at a rate of 7% per annum.
The criterion of need is not established under the Additional Housing Provision Program, and employees purchase the apartments by means of mortgage loans provided with Avers Bank preferential terms with additional interest compensation at the expense of TAIF-NK JSC.
Company provides employees with loans for 277 thousand rubles to pay the down payment for the apartments purchase for up to 15 years for both mortgage programs. The loans shall be paid only starting from the 6th year. The result of TAIF-NK JSC mortgage programs is 796 happy families who have settled in the new apartments and received high-quality living conditions the total area of which is 49.5 thousand square meters.

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