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May 25, 2021    

TAIF-NK JSC congratulated Nizhnekamsk cadets with Farewell Bell and presented the memorable gifts to graduates

The representatives of TAIF-NK JSC took part in the celebratory assembly of the Tatarstan Cadet Corps named after the Soviet Union hero Gani Safiullin. In 2021, 23 cadets graduated from a specialized educational institution.

Vladimir Gatunok, Assistant General Director for General Issues of TAIF-NK JSC came to congratulate the cadets on the graduation. On behalf of Maksim Novikov, General Director of TAIF-NK JSC and on his own behalf, he wished the cadets new achievements, happiness and success in later adulthood.

 «You honorably went all the way of education, acquired a large amount of knowledge and learned the first lessons of life.  This experience will be invaluable in future. There is an adult road ahead of you! Always remember that you are graduates of the Nizhnekamsk Cadet Corps, wherever you are in military or civil service, maintain the spirit of brotherhood and proudly bear the distinguished title of cadet. Make it work, we are sure that there will be only good luck and great opportunities ahead of you!  Good luck!» - Vladimir Gatunok delivered the valedictory address to the graduates.  

 Traditionally, the representatives of the refinery came to the special event bearing gifts. Each graduate received a valuable memorial gift from TAIF-NK JSC. 

After many years of cooperation between TAIF-NK JSC and Cadet Corps, a strong friendship has developed. Thanks to the financial support of the Company, the Tatarstan Cadet Corps has formed a modern training and material base, and the cadets are not overlooked.

Viktor Demidov, Chief Federal Inspector for the Republic of Tatarstan  noted that TAIF-NK JSC makes a  significant contribution to the military patriotic education of children. He thanked TAIF-NK JSC for regular support of the educational institution.

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