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September 5, 2019    

TAIF-NK JSC assisted in the delivery of medical materials for patients of the town hospital of Nizhnekamsk

TAIF-NK has helped Children's hospital with perinatal center in Nizhnekamsk with the delivery of the medical instruments required to treat patients. The oil refinery has assumed all the costs for transportation of a large cargo worth RUB 2 mln. on a tarpaulin covered truck from Laishevsky district to a medical facility in Nizhnekamsk. As noted by doctors, thanks to TAIF-NK JSC not only young patients of children's clinics and pediatric hospital of Nizhnekamsk, but also women's consultation clinic, maternity hospital will receive disposable polymer products.

TAIF-NK JSC, being a socially responsible enterprise, actively participates in Federal and Republican charity, health care, culture and sports projects, making a worthy contribution to their development. Since December 2014, thanks to the help of the company TAIF-NK small patients of children's infectious disease department can brighten up their leisure time during treatment watching favorite children's channels. In honor of the opening of the building after total renovation, the Сompany gave the healthcare institution 16 modern TV sets which were installed in front of each ward, and acquired acoustic systems were installed in the room with young patients. In March 2015, a completely renovated children's polyclinic "Sunny" was opened in Nizhnekamsk. TAIF-NK provided financial assistance in creating comfortable conditions for patients while waiting for an appointment at a medical institution. Four entertainment areas with gaming modules were created in the hallways on the second, third and fourth floors of the clinic to entertain little residents of Nizhnekamsk. In addition, the company has provided significant assistance in creating aesthetic design for the rooms. The walls of the medical institution are now decorated with bright panels that create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth for visitors of the clinic.



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