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October 25, 2019    

TAIF-NK Joins the Community Cleanup Campaign

Over 200 TAIF-NK employees took part in the annual Fall Community Cleanup Campaign. Among those who joined the event for cleaning-up the streets of Nizhnekamsk town were representatives of Gasoline Plant, Crude Oil Processing Plant and Heavy Residue Conversion Complex. Traditionally, TAIF-NK’s scope of responsibility was a sanitation of Lesnaya Street. Over the course of three days, TAIF-NK personnel collected fallen leaves, broken tree branches from the grass lawns, swept surrounding grounds and cleared off unpermitted leaflets stuck to lighting poles as well as tree trunks. More than 30 machinery items supported the Refinery to tidy up the major highways and internal residential roads. 

TAIF-NK being a company that placed sustainability at the top of their business priorities, annually participates in various environmental projects – Community Cleanup Days, Eco-Spring and Green Wave campaigns.


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