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July 26, 2019    

TAIF-NK is among the first organizations in Nizhnekamsk to take part in the charity campaign “Help to get ready for school” taking place in the Republic of Tatarstan

TAIF-NK as usual has displayed active participation in the Republican charity event “Help to ready for school” and made happy schoolchildren from low-income and multi-child families by presenting them pleasant and what is most essential useful gifts. In the run up to a new school year the Refinery’s representatives visited the Teenage Club “Charodeyka”, where young inhabitances of two Nizhnekamsk residential areas were waiting for newly purchased schoolbags to be handed over to the future schoolchildren. Traditionally, the schoolbags contained every item required for school, eg. exercise books, diaries, drawing pads, colored paper, cardboard, pens, pencils, fiber-tipped pens, paints, pencil cases and many other things. This year the Company decided to bring joy with the gifts not only to future first-graders but also for needy schoolchildren from the first till the fourth grades.

Next point to be visited was “Vesta” – the Social Assistance Center for Family and Children, where TAIF-NK representatives handed over the first schoolbags to future first-graders as usual with participation of the funny characters.

The Republican charity campaign “Help to get ready for school” aimed at providing targeted social assistance to the children from low-income and multi-child families has been held in Tatarstan since 2007. TAIF-NK, as a well-experienced participant with already 12 successive years of participation in the campaign, with support from its General Director Rushan Shamgunov has made a significant contribution to preparing children from the deprived families for the new school year. Owing to this support, many families in Nizhnekamsk Municipal District can save their family budget, and the children feel on a par with their classmates.

Development of the social infrastructure, financing of significant regional programs, support of health care, sport and education as well as the revival of cultural, spiritual and historical heritage are among the key areas of focus of  TAIF-NK’s charitable activities. The Company will continue supporting socially essential charity events aimed at developing the future generation, as well upbringing the youth and formation of each child's personality.



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