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August 16, 2019    

TAIF-NK is among the best non-professional emergency response teams of Tatarstan Republic

TAIF-NK JSC employees demonstrated their skills in competitions among the professional and non-professional emergency response teams, which took place on 14 August at the GSV-1 training area of TANECO JSC. The competition consisted of a number of practical tasks and test part aimed to check the theoretical knowledge in terms of gas rescue operations and first aid basics.

 At one of the rounds, the competitors were given a task with the help of necessary equipment to lift the injured person (rescue manikin) from the bottom of 2.5 meters height drum, provide him with premedical first aid and take him to the base. Then, within seconds, rescue teams cut off the emergency area by installing blinds on a special simulator. A short time later, the participants had to provide medical aid to the injured person (rescue manikin) after cardiac arrest. Representatives of Republic of Tatarstan industrial enterprises and the inspector of the Rostekhnadzor Volga Region Department were monitoring correctness of the participants’ actions. Then, the participants of the competition had to pass tests in a computer class and to give responses to a number of theoretical questions within the shortest time.

 According to the results of the competitions, TAIF-NK non-professional emergency response team came in a good third. All participants were awarded with diplomas and event binders.

Industrial and environmental safety are among key propriety areas of TAIF-NK policy  including implementation of advanced, safest methods and technologies, the creation of an effective system of the operational control of the compliance with the industrial safety requirements, complying with the state-of -the -art level of science and technology development. The Company is taking deliberate actions to eliminate occurrence of emergencies at hazardous production facilities. Emergency Situations Localization and Liquidation Plans, Safety Data Sheets, Oil & Oil Products Spills Response Plans, and other documentation related to preparedness for and response to emergencies have been developed and adjusted on a timely manner.


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