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February 22, 2017    22.02.2017

TAIF-NK General Director Rushan R. Shamgunov is noted by Grateful Letter of the Fund “Vozrojdenie”.

TAIF-NK General Director Rushan Shamgunov is noted by Grateful Letter of the Fund “Vozrojdenie”.

On February 22nd during meeting of Nizhnekamsk municipal district Council regarding the results of social and economic development in 2016 and regarding tasks for 2017 year the Prime-Minister of Tatarstan Republic Ildar Khalikov grants to TAIF-NK General Director Rushan Shamgunov the Book of Well-Doers and Grateful Letter from the Republican Fund of Historical and Cultural Monuments Revival.

For the active involvement in the implementation of unique project “Cultural heritage of Tatarstan: ancient town Bolgar and Sviyazhsk-town”, construction of the Bolgar Islamic Academy and reconstruction of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God Cathedral the name of TAIF-NK General Director Rushan Shamgunov was entered in the VII Book of Well-Doers.

TAIF Group of Companies is included in the number of Russian biggest business communities for whom the social accountability and beneficence are the priorities. TAIF-NK completely endorses this strategical company profile and takes an active part in the implementation of complex social and economic programs of town and the Republic, actively supporting preservation and revival of historical monuments, which are the national treasure of Tatarstan Republic.

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