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June 12, 2022    

TAIF-NK festival venue is one of the most visited during the holiday of Sabantuy.

Nizhnekamsk celebrated Sabantuy on a grand scale. Large-scale festivities took place on the territory of the sports and recreation center "Ilyinka". The most attractive place at the festival was not only the main stage of Maidan but also TAIF-NK JSC festival venue. The Company's employees have invested a lot of energy and effort to make it truly unique and interesting. Human sense receptors were used as the concept of the event. For example, a colorful decorated festival venue is sense of vision, trade activity is sense of smell, and the artists performance is sense of hearing.

- The concept of our event includes modern dynamic solutions where everyone can enter the world of feelings with the help of our senses. We have prepared an interesting musical program. Our Company’s employees will perform on the stage together with professional artists. Small children will also find entertainment to their liking. There are many amusement devices here. Our festival venue is visited by families, because Sabantuy is an old-fashion, family holiday, - said Maxim Novikov, TAIF-NK JSC General Director.

Rustam Nigmatullin - First Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan Republic and Ramil Mullin - Head of Executive Committee of Nizhnekamsk municipal area were among the first who visited the festival venue of TAIF-NK JSC. The honored guests accompanied by Maxim Novikov - TAIF-NK JSC General Director got acquainted with the performances of the festive venue.

The guests were greeted at the entrance by Golden Leopard - the symbol of TAIF-NK JSC. After taking a photo for memory, the delegation proceeded to the festive stage. A DJ invited the leaders of the town and the republic to record their own track. To did that, any phrase should be pronounced.

- Let’s go, - said Rustam Nigmatullin - First Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan Republic.

- With the holiday, - supported the idea Ramil Mullin - Head of Executive Committee of Nizhnekamsk municipal area.

Just a few seconds later, a rousing single was recorded. From the speakers came a unique rhythm with the words "Let’s go" and "With the holiday". Musical performances which also included Kazan artists and talented employees of the Company is only a small part of the program presented at TAIF-NK festival venue.

There was also an improvised village courtyard where you could take a photo for memory. A cow staying not far from the village yard gave sweet drinks instead of milk. Interesting contests and sports games were also arranged for the little guests.

- Sabantuy is our favorite holiday. We visit it with the whole family. We always visit the TAIF-NK festival venue every time we come here. We really like to be here, our children are delighted by the animators, - shared impressions Victoria Naumova.

- Congratulations to all residents and guests of the town on Sabantuy. The holiday is arranged at the highest level, as usual. Many thanks to TAIF-NK for the unforgettable emotions, - said with joy Ilnur Ziyatdinov.

- My wife and I work together at TAIF-NK. Despite our busy schedule we try not to miss any town and corporate events. We congratulate everyone on the holiday, we wish everyone joy, happiness and well-being, - said Alexander Pimenov, the operator of process unit, TAIF-NK JSC.

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