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September 2, 2019    

TAIF-NK employees took part in the solemn procession on the occasion of the Town Day of Nizhnekamsk

On August 30, the day of the Republic of Tatarstan, the capital of petrochemistry and oil refining Nizhnekamsk, celebrated its 53rd anniversary. Traditionally, the most colorful festive action in the city was a solemn demonstration of labor collectives, in which the company TAIF-NK took one of the first positions. Representatives of the Gasoline Plant, Crude Oil Processing Plant, Heavy Residue Conversion Complex and management in corporate clothing, with balloons, flags with company logos expressed their solidarity and raised the spirits of all guests of the holiday. Rushan Shamgunov, General Director of TAIF-NK JSC, came to the demonstration together with the employees. He also paraded in the column which included first builders of the city, veterans and honorary citizens, the mayor of Nizhnekamsk Aydar Metshin and other heads of large enterprises ofthe town.

This year, within the municipal program "The Streets of our town," organizers of the event distributed the streets of Nizhnekamsk among the participants: industrialists presented Avenues of Chemists and Tire Manufacturers, installers and builders - Avenue of Builders, teachers - School Boulevard, and students -Streets of Students and Youth. The company TAIF-NK had the honor to present at the demonstration Byzov Street, named after the Russian chemist Boris V. Byzov.


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